Contact Vanessa

Best Way to Contact Me

Definitely email.

I respond relatively quickly. You can always email me at

I have littles and run a household, so I’m not always in front of my computer!

When Did You Start Blogging?

2016. My son turned 10 months old and I traveled to Europe and the idea sparked!

But, it was two years later when I decided to monetize and make this my business!

Why Blogging?

I began blogging with the mindset of meeting other moms. I was new to the whole mom thing, my husband was overseas, and I felt lonely. During that time I came across many wonderful moms.

It has been a great outlet and now I can help other moms in areas I’ve struggled with and help them achieve their goals.

When Do You Find Time to Blog and Work?

This is a tricky one. I’m a very rigid, schedule oriented person. If something works one day, I kind of expect it to work the next day. Not the case ever. 

I get up early. Super early. 3:45am. And you’d think I’d have at least 3 hours to myself before the first kid wakes up. Nope. 

My three year old gets up between 5 and 5:30. Usually, I just finish my devotions and he’s smiling at me ready to start the day. But I have emails to reply to in the morning and other blog work, so I either set up a fun activity for him or 30 minutes of a show. No judging!!!  

Gotta do what you gotta do, girl! 

Do You Have a Set Time to Blog Daily?

Early mornings and nap time. Also I try and motivate myself a few times throughout the week to work in the evening after the day is over and kids are in bed. 

When my kiddos are awake, I focus on them. Because first of all, I’m a mommy, then blogging can happen. So mornings usually start off with breakfast, clean up time, and then an outdoor activity. 

Once nap time takes place, I pull out my computer, planner, and phone and get to work. I set a timer and work for “x” amount of time (but usually my 17 month old wakes up by this time). All in all, I get about 2-3 hours a day. 

Advice for New Blogger

First of all find your niche. What interests you? What’s something you can talk about on end and never get bored of? Blog about that. 

I love fitness. I love talking fitness, doing fitness, breathing fitness, being fit. I love it all. 

Second of all, be you. Don’t copy other bloggers. They have their style. Find yours. Talk casually. Be yourself. Your followers want to see the real you. 

And last of all, be patient. Success doesn’t happen overnight. But patience and endurance will bring you there!