We have all heard it: let the mess be, it’ll be there tomorrow. While I do agree with that, I also have to attest that staying on top of the mess with daily chores, will ease a pile up later on. It’s much easier to be consistent daily and not have mounds of mess. I have four children and probably every excuse to not keep a clean house. However, I have learned that doing simple daily tasks is easy to keep up with and also shows my children the importance of taking care of a household and honoring the things we have been blessed with. Of course there is a balance and sometimes it’s totally necessary to let the mess be and focus on what matters most in the moment.

I think most of us can agree that cleaning is a daily chore, and a necessity, but have you ever thought of what would happen if you stopped cleaning and just let the mess be? I know I would be an emotional disaster, my household would be out of order, and there would be unnecessary tension from built up “disorderly messes”. Having a home is work and it takes time, energy, and responsibility to keep it up. But I guarantee you, that the end result is worth the time and effort put in.

Cleaning your home isn’t just about making it look neat and tidy, but in fact there are serious reasons why it’s such a good idea. Without proper cleaning, your home and property could  turn into a disaster zone. 

So what actually happens when you stop cleaning your home?

What’s that Smell?

Leaving the trash in the kitchen for a week will start to produce some really bad smells, particularly if it is warm in your home at this time of year. Bacteria grow on food particles, giving off unpleasant gasses. What’s more, the speed that they can get to work is shocking. Sometimes it only takes a couple of days for a pungent aroma to spread through all the rooms in your home. 

Smells take longer to build up elsewhere, but don’t think for a moment that you’re safe. Toilets and sinks are prime culprits, as is the refrigerator if you fail to clean it out thoroughly. Bacteria thrives in warm, moist areas, such as a the bathroom, kitchen sink, and trash. Make a habit of taking the trash out on a daily basis. Either first thing in the morning and right after dinner during the final clean up time. I usually collect trash all day long and then throw a big bagful away at the end of the day. I don’t have to worry about pests developing and smells invading my house. 

Wipe the Dust

Dust isn’t just inert particles that float around your home. It’s actually food for some microorganisms who can break it down and derive energy from it. 

In clean homes, dust isn’t a major food source. There isn’t enough of it to support a large population of mites. However, if you let it build up, it soon becomes a problem. Creatures begin moving into your home to redress the balance, gobbling up any food that they can find. Mostly, these creatures are harmless. However, there are some that can bite you and even cause allergies. 

The solution is to regularly dust and vacuum your home. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. If you neglect to do it, tiny creatures, too small to see with the naked eye, will take over your home and, potentially, damage your fabrics. Perhaps cleaning your fans on a regular basis (i.e. 2x a year), wiping baseboards and windowsills, and spraying down any other dusty surface. A dust free house, will create a cleaner air for you and your family. 

Move the Mold

One of the main reasons people hire mold mitigation services is a lack of cleaning. They simply haven’t had time to clean their homes and mold has become a major feature, particularly in the bathroom and around the boarder of the shower. 

Mold finds it easy to gain a foothold when you don’t clean. All it needs is moisture, a source of food and air. If it has those three things, it can spread throughout a home quickly. Oftentimes you can’t even see it, smell it, or notice it’s in your home. It’s essential that you clean all wet, damp, and moist surfaces to avoid mold build up. I usually leave my shower door open after a shower so it can air out and not build up mildew and mold. Usually, a quick round of bleach will kill any spores that are starting to grow. 

Mold has a tendency of making you sick. If you ignore your dirty bathroom, you could wind up breathing in dangerous mold particles, leading to allergy symptoms, such as sore throat, runny nose, and breathlessness. 

The main point is, clean. You might be amazed at how much you prefer a clean area and the value of a clean house to live in. I have let go of laundry and dishes at one point in my life because circumstances happen. But when I quickly get back into the rhythm of cleaning again, I immediately feel much better about my life and not so easily overwhelmed.

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