Exercising is the perfect way to look after both your body and mind. But some life events will need a little more help: such as a move. Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical. Don’t put more love into one area of your body/life. Make sure your whole wellbeing is well balanced. 

One of the most stressful life changing events is moving. I have done it a number of times. It’s no surprise that a big move can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Even though you can’t predict everything that will happen during a move, there are a few measures you can take to ensure an “easier” transition during the mix.

Brace for an Emotional Rollercoaster

No matter how long you’ve been in your current home, you’ll have an emotional connection with it. And even if you can’t wait to move on to greener pastures, it’s good to prepare for an emotional rollercoaster. For some, moving can feel like a grieving process. Acknowledge your feelings, but remember that it’s just a building. And you’re moving for a reason. 

A great way to prepare for the new move is to get stuck in your new neighborhood. Visit the town, connect with locals, shop in stores, and get excited about the new prospects that await you. Head to fha faqs for excellent advice and a simple way to reduce the stress of moving. 

Carefully Prepare Your Belongings

Your belongings are a part of you. But physical clutter can become emotional baggage. View packing as a type of therapy. Decluttering will reduce your anxiety by making a move easier, and it makes room for new things you may want for your new home. And remember it’s just stuff. Once you have a mindset to let go, it will make it a lot easier to part with. 

Make life even easier by packing a suitcase of must-have essentials. Then, when you arrive and don’t feel like unpacking, you won’t have to root through boxes to find your toothbrush. Throw in a few things that will instantly make the new place feel like home. And make sure you mark up your boxes so you can do it with ease when it comes time to unpack. 

Rope In Family, Friends, And Your Local Movers

You don’t have to do anything on your own. And moving can be an overwhelming life event. Get your family and friends involved to minimize the effort it takes out of you. Having family and friends on hand helps bridge the gap between your old life with your new one. They’ll keep you excited about your new chapter and help to reduce your anxieties about the move. Don’t feel guilty for asking. 

If family or friends can’t help on the day, get help from professional movers. Moving doesn’t have to be hard work physically, but doing it on your own will make it that way. I looped in all the help from neighbors, church friends, family, and movers. 

Stay Excited About New Possibilities

The newness of your move can cause anxiety and stress. It’s easy to get wrapped up in worry about what will happen when everything is left on you to figure out. Try and stay positive about all the new possibilities. Make a list to check out local restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, nearby parks, and get involved in a church. I always made a point to establish myself in a solid church and connect that way. Friendships happen fast that way.

Take Some Time For Yourself

With so many things to do, it’s easy to forget about yourself. But remember to check in with yourself during and after a move. It’s equally as important to make yourself a top priority. Pencil in some quality time with yourself.

We love to exercise here, so make time for it if that’s your jam. And remember, exercise will help double fold. Because it’s not just time for yourself. Exercise also releases stress and anxiety-reducing endorphins. You’ll feel the benefits in both body and mind. 

There are multiple things you can do to ensure you’re taking care of yourself during a move. It can be an extremely stressful season of life, but fortunately it doesn’t always have to be that way.

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