I had my fourth baby three months ago. I understand all the feelings and adjustments that go into bringing a new child into this life. It’s wonderful, beautiful, emotional, and also challenging in many ways. It can be a stressful and overwhelming being a new mom and figuring out routines, schedules, and what works and what doesn’t. And let me tell you, it’s okay if something doesn’t work that others told you worked for them. You’re the perfect mama for your baby and you are the only human they care about for a good long while!

However, with being a new mom, your health and wellbeing can very likely take the backburner. It’s sometimes hard to get in the shower when it’s 10pm or schedule a hair appointment because who can watch the baby/kids. But the best thing you can do for your baby is to take care of yourself too. If you neglect yourself, then you might find it impossible at times to take care of your baby/children and your household. Also, don’t ever feel guilty for taking time for yourself. You need time for yourself too, mama.

Go to Your Appointments

One way to get your self-care back on track as a new mom is to schedule important appointments and show up. You need that haircut and touch up. Your hair needs it! Also don’t delay dental appointments. It’s important to take care of your oral health as well as your overall health. A smile is worth a thousand words. I just recently had my routine six month dental cleaning. Sure, it was quite the hassle making sure all the kids were accounted for, but once I finished I felt accomplished that I took care of myself. I know there are many dental clinics, but this one is a reputable practice https://www.northmesquitedental.com/ that can help you get the smile you’re always wanted.

Pro-tip #1 for New Mom: Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

I know this term has received lots of smack in the motherhood realm. It’s not always possible to sleep when baby sleeps, especially when you have more than one child. But, perhaps you can plan two to three nights a week where you go to bed when baby goes down. I try and do this once a week. Of course I have four children, so it takes a bit more effort on my end. However, the nights I crawl into bed the moment the baby is down, my body feels way more rested the following day.

Getting sleep and rest in the beginning stages of motherhood is vital for your energy levels as well as your mental state. It’s very easy to slip into a sluggish and unmotivated mood from lack of sleep. You will feel groggy and beyond exhausted if you slip into getting minimal sleep. And I am the first to understand all the necessary things that must get done. However, I have learned over six years that all the tasks and chores will still be there after your nap and you’ll come back feeling more recharged.

Pro-tip #2 for New Mom: Go Exercise and Breathe in Fresh Air

I live for fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. If I don’t get those three things in a day, I tend to feel “off” and sluggish. Daily movement is so good for your body and mental health. I understand it’s hard to get started on a workout, but once you start you’ll feel more energized than before. Not only will you begin to lose weight from pregnancy, but your body will thank you for showing up and investing in yourself. I make a point to exercise six times a week. I don’t care if all four kids are up and running around. They have learned throughout the years to respect my time and stay busy. More times than not, they destroy some portion of the house or empty out all the craft supplies. But you know what? I feel way more balanced post workout and can deal with the mess later. 

Drink Water and Eat Healthy

There’s definitely truth to the fact that eating healthy and drinking water can improve your overall wellbeing. By limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake, not only will you feel better but you’ll begin to see physical improvements too. Cooking healthy and quick meals will ensure you’re staying on track with your fitness and wellness goals. The bloat and excessive water gain from high sodium will go down and you won’t experience high and low crashes from too much sugar. Watch what you’re eating and I promise you’ll feel better.

Practice Thanksgiving

I start every morning with a sermon or podcast. I also make sure to read a devotional and wash my mind in the Bible. My days just flow so much better when I make it a priority to spend time with Jesus first. During that time I list things I am thankful for and have a few moments of quiet. To best honest, that is the only quiet time of my day and it’s important to me since I give all day long to my babies.

Remember, in order to give 100%, you have to make time for yourself. A dry well cannot produce water, and a dry, overtired, stretch-thinned person cannot pour life into her family. It’s okay to practice self-care. Your family needs you to be happy too!

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