This may or may not surprise you, but having a few moments of balance and peace throughout your day can really reset your mood and emotions. I can testify this on so many levels. Almost every morning I make a commitment to wake up around 5am. I need at least an hour of downtime before all the kiddos wake up. During that hour I listen to a sermon, read a book, pray and read a chapter out of the Bible. Usually two or three kiddos are already awake during that hour and before I finish, but they know the routine by now and can occupy themselves for the most part.

Life is a busy cycle and can often be mixed in with frustrations, complications, disappointments, and what not. It’s very easy to feel disorganized at that point and overwhelmed with various challenges. This is why I make it a point daily to reconnect with myself and take a few moments of solitude to regain my energy and focus. It can become extremely difficult to stay positive and above the waters when everything around you is imbalanced.

While there are all sorts of different things that might help to promote an increased sense of balance and wellbeing in life, it’s useful to have certain daily habits, practices, and ideas that might work in this regard.

Below are a few ways on how to regain balance in your life.

Get Outside

The outdoors is a wonderful way to relax. Most mornings I step in my garden and water and pull out a few weeds. Even though this is yard work, my mind finds it relaxing and satisfying. So perhaps you want to look into fertilizer spreaders in order to create your own dream garden if you don’t have one. Or maybe going for regular country strolls or forest walks with your family and spending time in nature can help to get you out of your funk. Nature has a beautiful way of naturally resetting your spirits. 

God created this beautiful world for our enjoyment. It’s no wonder so many people find nature to be relaxing and reviving for the soul. Take time to enjoy it daily and soak in the beauty of the world. Earthing is a wonderful way to connect with the earth and its Creator as well as receiving many of the healing benefits.

Seek Nourishment and Rest

 Abraham Maslow came up with a list of what he believed were essential human needs that we all strive to meet. Whether I agree with this list or not, he does argue that every individual needs to take care of the basics such as food, safely, and shelter before we can focus on the needs higher up in the list.

If, for instance you are not getting enough sleep and are not nourishing your body with proper nutrition, then you will most likely struggle to invest in your life and others around you. You will not have enough energy to take care of yourself and give your body the attention it needs. Rest and nourishment are two very important aspects you need to live life with success and thrive.

Move your body

Physical activity is huge for the human body. Kelly McGonigal is one person who has pointed out how regularly moving our bodies can help to promote feelings of hope, positivity, and give a new sense of energy. A little bit every day goes a long way. A walk around the neighborhood, a morning or evening workout, yoga, martial arts, biking, running, are all great activities to relieve stress and restore the balance to your life. 

Prayer and Thanksgiving 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, prayer is a huge part of my life. In fact, I can honestly say that prayer molds my life. When I spend a few quiet moments praying before my day starts, I always feel more balanced, at peace, and ready to tackle the day. In addition, focusing on gratitude and things you are thankful for is a great way to find grounding and calmness throughout your busy day.

Recognizing the Creator of the Universe and giving thanks to Him always, as well as counting your blessings and reflecting on what really matters, is a great way to find peace and balance.

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