The excitement and anticipation a new baby brings is an emotion that will never run out. I am due for my fourth baby in about 2.5 months and the excitement is more based off on my children this time around. I am so ecstatic to see the look on their faces and to hear their excitement when the new baby comes home. However, along with the awe and beauty of bringing a new family member home, there are also a few “challenges” and adjustments that will be put into place.

If you a friends who already have a child, you might want to consider asking them a few questions what helped them most the first few months. Everyone always has something that worked or didn’t work for them.

Keep the Newborn Cool

I had one baby in summer and two in spring. This next baby is another summer baby so I am aware of heat and sweating! First off, a baby’s body has a harder time regulating temperature effectively than we do. So it might be beneficial to ensure you have a 24 hour AC repair expert to contact when the system is not working correctly. The baby and/or you might find it hard to sleep in a warm room. Plus, if you decide to nurse, there will be a tiny human attached to you most of the day and postpartum body changes and a sweaty, irritated mama isn’t a good mix. 

Meal Prep

Nursing a newborn is a wonderful yet exhausting. Sure it’s convenient because you never have to worry about warm or cold milk. But there are long nights and tiring days. If you are able to prepare a few meals ahead of time, I highly suggest doing so. You may not have enough time or energy to make it to the store those first few weeks. A meal plan may be something that saves you time and energy. Besides, an already healthy prepared meal will make you feel better as you journey through the postpartum phase and newborn days. 

It might be beneficial to make a meal plan that includes healthy and delicious options your family will enjoy for the first two weeks. Also, have a realistic mindset and expect a few wonky days in the mix with a newborn. A food delivery service is a life savior when it’s already 5pm and nobody has had a real meal yet (plus mama still needs to shower!). 

Have an Extra Basket Downstairs

I lived in a two story house when I had my third baby. One of the best tips I learned was to have a basket full of diapers, wipes, cloths, and a few outfits readily available when needed. Believe me, the first few weeks include a lot of diaper blowouts and outfit changes. Going up and downstairs is the last thing you’ll want to do the when it’s most hectic. Besides, going up and down the stairs is not healing to your pelvic floor. Make a few small, yet steady changes to support the healing you need, and to ensure you and baby are getting plenty of rest. 

If you already have a child, then I’m sure all of this isn’t new to you. You’re also aware of how quickly babies grow out of the baby phase. Before long, you’ll have to accommodate to your child’s growing needs. Parenthood brings many changes and plenty of growing experiences. Don’t worry if you’re not in the least ready. The most important job you can do is to love and nurture your baby throughout their life. 

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