As I always say, a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. Before you go all in and be 100% committed, it’s best to have a solid diet plan and also combine it with the right exercise regimen to lose weight. There are a lot of diet plans to consider and it’s important to weigh out the different options and make the right decision for you in regards to the ideal lifestyle. Achieving weight loss is huge and encouraging, but it’s vital to choose a the right diet and something you can keep up. 

What Do You Have Time For?

You should be realistic about the type of life you live. Do you have enough time each day or week to prepare the necessary meals, exercise, and monitor progress? You have to be honest with yourself if you’ll have enough time to do everything needed to support your new lifestyle. Starting a new diet/lifestyle requires a bit of prep work and learning curves along the way. Driving through a drive-thru can no longer be much of an option because those habits won’t likely support your health goals. It’s best to begin in your kitchen with your own ingredients so you can guarantee you’ll stick to a diet. 

Your Nutritional Needs and Weight Loss

There are so many diets available today, and they don’t come equal. Some popular ones include:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Plant-based diets
  • Low-carb diets
  • Clean keto diet
  • The Paleo diet
  • Weight watchers
  • The DASH diet


Some plans promise you quick results, but this comes at a cost. For example, certain diets focus on the intake of very limited food varieties or limit calories to the extreme. These diets can give quick results, but it’s not a long term fix because you cannot live on limited food options for long. However, for some people a quick fix is beneficial and encouraging and easier to make dietary changes that will last a lifetime for the future. 

 It’s important to follow a lifestyle that has plenty of variety and is nutrient dense so you can ensure you’re fulfilling all your vitamin and mineral needs. Weight loss shouldn’t be the number one motivation to choosing a healthier lifestyle. 

What is Your Budget?

Before you start looking for the most appropriate diet, consider your budget. You need to decide if you have the money to invest in the entire plan and stick through with it. Some diet plans are expensive, while others are cost-friendly. Again, it boils down to what matters to you and what you will sacrifice for. 

 How much you’re willing to spend on the recommended food, support services, and exercise classes matters. While making a budget, remember that the cost of the diet plan you choose isn’t directly proportional to its effectiveness. You might pay for a program and still not lose the weight you intend to shed. This tells you that you need to stay committed to the goal. Any diet and lifestyle you choose will always require dedication and 100% commitment. 

What are Your Goals and Expectations for Weight Loss?

Don’t choose a diet plan on a whim. It helps if you have specific goals and expectations in mind, whether it’s for weight loss or gaining muscle. Your goals will determine whether your diet should have more proteins or fats than carbohydrates or any other combination.

 If you don’t know where to start, a dietitian or coach will assist you and lay out the best options. As you set goals, consider starting with small ones and increase them gradually until you reach the ultimate goals. Small incremental goals will keep you motivated versus having big unmanageable goals. Also, sometimes it helps to have your diet mapped out for you so you know what you can and cannot eat. 


There is a diet/lifestyle for every person and every body type. Sometimes it takes time and patience to find the right fit. Whichever plan you choose, a specific goal and a tracking progress should be attached so you can enhance the best purpose for your life. But remember, your worth isn’t found in your weight and the number on the scale. Your worth is found in Jesus and that will never change! 

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