Temptations comes in all forms, and sometimes it comes in the form of food. A number of things can initiate food temptations. It’s important to know what’s the emotion behind the sudden food temptation (unless this becomes a recurring thing). And in other instances, oftentimes after going on a strict low calorie diet, anything but low carb appears appealing and comforting. In that instance, it’s easy to convince yourself that you deserve a special treat. You’ve done well with your diet and weight goals. However, it’s also vital to think what you’re going to consume and if it’s worth it.

It’s easy to talk yourself into eating a few sweets, salty, and savory treats. After all, life is too short for you to always be tight on yourself and not enjoy a few delectable treats from sites such as https://esprovisions.com/. And before long, you put off that salad and every other healthy food item and switch it out for the “junk” food. Sure, treat days can be allowed. It’s not fun if you constantly hone down on your food and don’t allow yourself an occasional slip up. Remember, balance is key to every aspect of life so it’s just as important to allow some wiggle room in your dietary choices. 

But the real question: is it okay to occasionally have a few cheat meals?

it depends on what is considered a cheat meal and how often this occurs. Sure, balance, but a healthy balance is just important as balance in general.

Treats. Not Treat Days

So a treat day implies exactly what it says: spending an entire day indulging on everything you restricted yourself form eating. Just realize, you will undo a lot of hard work and you might even experience a headache or tummy ache (not being used to consuming the junk you once used to consume). Instead, a better alternative is an occasional treat in moderation. One treat per week isn’t going to throw you off your goals verses a daily indulgence. Perhaps scheduling a “cheat treat” once a week and marking it on your calendar is a good way to keep you on track.

Treats Can Help With Your Goals

If you start every week knowing that there is a special indulgence at the end of the week, you might be surprised how much harder you work to not splurge sooner. There is also research that states a weekly treat can jumpstart your metabolism. Plus it can trick your body into working overtime to burn off fat. Take a few minutes and read up on it here: https://aaptiv.com. So, don’t rule out having a weekly treat. Whether it be a lunchtime snack or an evening meal, cut yourself some slack. Indulge a little and you might be surprised at the outcome.

Treats Don’t Have to be Unhealthy

It’s easy to get stuck in the same meals day after day and that can become very frustrating. Find new recipes, and perhaps choose a few themes throughout the week to change things up. Here’s a super creative way to make a salad: http://fitfoodiemomlife.com/. You could also make your own pizza using healthy ingredients to replace the temptation for a takeaway alternative. You could eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Scope out your local grocery store for healthier alternatives. Not every treat has to completely ruin your diet. Plus, if it’s possible, always go for the more nutritious option. 

So, is it okay to pause your diet and have a treat day? Yes, so long as you don’t spend the entire day eating foods that will sabotage your hard work. If you are mindful of what you are eating, and if you can practice self-control, then with all balance in mind, it should be okay. Know your restrictions and initiate balance to your weekly splurge moments. 

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