Fitness and dieting. Those are among the two that most rave on about and get on highs about goals and expectations. But often as quickly as those goals appear, they tend to fall apart pretty fast too. It’s totally normal to hit a roadblock with your fitness goals and to also experience a dead end when it comes to working out. Sometimes those standstills indicate you need fresh wind or a completely new start. Whatever it is, we all know that fitness is healthy, because burning calories burns fat and that’s something everyone desires– burn fat.

But have you ever considered that maybe you’ve hit a plateau because you’ve lost motivation and your motivation is no longer your driving force. Perhaps your work out is no longer working for you because you lost the fun in “working out”.

Remember, you don’t have to beat yourself up to get in shape or starve yourself to be healthy. In fact, if you keep some fun and games in the mix but still stick to a strict regimen, you could very well reach your goals.

Do a Dance Party as a Workout

Dancing will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. Besides, kids love a random dance party and it also encourages the release of endorphins. Perhaps it’s time that you let lose your inner self and move your body in the comfort of your home. Once you gain enough confidence, you can join an actual dance club and become an expert in all the moves. Either way, dancing is a great form of cardio and yes you’re moving and working up a sweat, but you won’t get easily bored from it.

Martial arts

Martial arts, such as shaolin kung fu are not only fun, but the benefits from this sport includes calmness, suppleness, self-defense, and self-discipline. There are plenty of different ones to choose from; it’s just a case of finding the right one for you. Believe it or not, martial arts requires a lot of focus, stamina, balance, and physical and mental concentration. In addition, this sport is easy on your joints and something you can practice for a lifetime. 

Geocaching… What’s This?

Geocaching is a new activity and has taken speed by young adults. 

So what is it? Imagine a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt but for adults! It is an excellent way of getting out in the fresh air all the while enjoying exercise yet having fun at the same time. Sounds like a win, win!  The idea is that you use your GPS to find hidden treasures which you can then you hide or leave something new for the next person to find. There are some massive geocaching communities online as well, so you may even find yourself making some new friends.

Sure it’s not the same exercise as weight lifting, but you still get a form or aerobic and the most important aspect is that your heart is pumping and your body is moving.

Find Time to Play Again

Remember when you were a kid and never seemed to stop moving? Embrace playtime again. It’s even more fun if you have kids. It’s time to get involved in running around the park with your kids, play tag and hopscotch, keep a hula hoop and pick up the jump rope. Once again, you are moving your body, working up a sweat, but also having fun and building relationships during the process. 

Remember, exercise does not have to be boring. There are so many options. You can be creative, incorporate new activities, and include some form of daily fitness routine into your regimen. It’s just like disguising veggies and greens into your smoothie to acquire taste.

Get creative and think about the activities you enjoy and incorporate those into your daily fitness routine. 

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