Health seems to be one of the most leading topics among people these days. In fact, focusing on a healthy lifestyle will save you from endless amounts of health concerns later on in life. Besides, a healthy diet is beneficial, and in particular parents should pay most attention since they are raising the next generation. Truth is, the food you eat and the food you put in front of your children are going to influence the diet choices they have later on in life. Sure, they will make their own decisions as they grow up, but right now you are their biggest influence. Plus, it’s no secret that there are now more obese children in the world than there ever has been before.

Children have more food aversions now. But is this the child’s fault? No. I strongly believe the parents are to blame. A small child will develop habits based on what the parent has provided. Are you setting a good example for your children with your eating habits? There are now more diseases and illnesses than ever before. Sure, you can workout at the gym, join a fitness class and train for a marathon. But fitness needs to start in the kitchen. Speaking of such, there are certain essentials you must keep in your fridge on a weekly basis. Below are some ideas for you and how you can get started. 

Health is not a choice. It’s a lifestyle.

The Basics

The average person/family consumes meat on the daily. However, if meat is not one of your staples, there are plenty of other alternatives. It’s not uncommon now for more people to turn away from high meat diets and switch over to vegetarian/vegan. If fish is on your list of food items to eat, consider adding this to your eating regimen a couple times a week. Besides the obvious health benefits, fish is high in omegas, which are vital to brain and organ health. There are many alternatives on how you can eat fish, such as cooking frozen shrimp, or disguising it in certain dishes if fish isn’t your forte. 

Again, if this is a food item you decide to eliminate, consider replacing it with other sources and supplements. You can’t eliminate a food item and not supplement the nutrients meat and fish provide. 

Lifestyle Staples

Fruits and vegetables MUST be a staple in your household. This is a food item you cannot skip out on. It is extremely important that you consume a high amount of raw fruits and vegetables daily. And no, supplements do not cover your daily intake of fruits and veggies. You must consume a certain amount and not shy away from upping your intake.

Sure, a lot of people have a difficult time including fruit and vegetables, but not adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is by far, one of the most detrimental things you can do to your health. Smoothies are a great way to add plenty of fruits and vegetables and you can’t really see what you’re consuming. It’s important that you set a great example for your children. You need to show them that you care about your health and are interested in trying new things. This could wet their appetite too. It’s vital that you add color to your refrigerator and teach your children to eat all the colors of the rainbow. And again, if you have to disguise fruit and  vegetables to make them tasty for you and/or your children, then do it. 

The point is to consume of the garden and less of the aisles in a grocery store. Think of long-term and creating a lifestyle for yourself and your family.

I understand that eating healthy for many people is overwhelming, stressful, exhausting and can workup some anxiety. But once you explore and make adjustments weekly, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you adapt. Plus, the benefits of healthy eating outweigh any negative feeling you may feel or experience.

Remember, you only get one life. Choose to make your health a lifestyle and not another “fad”. Fads fade, but your health will stick around for the remaining of you lifetime.

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