It’s a real thing and most moms (the 1% who deny this are lying) will admit that at some point in their motherhood craze, they have worried about something.

Is my child gaining enough weight? Is my child eating all the colors of the rainbow? Is he getting the right education? Is it bad that my child co-sleeps with me?

All these questions, which may lead to worry and concerns you never knew possible as a mom. In fact, worrying starts way before the child is born. Worrying starts in the womb, long before you even know if little peanut is a girl or boy. You worry about food intake, nutrition, stress, environmental factors, relationships, emotions… all the things. Worry is a factor that most just assume comes with the package of parenting. Some of the worry is instilled by factors and are legitimate and others are self-imposed.

But, it’s important to raise children with less anxiety so they can be confident who they are and what they do. But with confidence comes balance and health and wellness. Sure, anxiety happens and I’m not condemning you for it, but just understand that anxious emotions can pass down to your children.

Here are 4 tips that can help you feel more at ease in raising your children.  

Teach Them Right From Wrong

 One of the best things you can do for them and your own peace of mind is to teach them right from wrong. Not only is this going to help you to ensure that you raise polite children who become an asset to their community, but it can also ease your mind that they will grow up and make wise decisions. 

Parenting is all about raising good kids and then watching them make their own decisions. Instill good decision making skills in them and watch them succeed in making their own decisions.

 Instill Resilience In Them

 This one isn’t always obvious nor does it always seem that easy to do, but making sure that they are resilient is important. Life can be hard. And it’s never healthy to be too sensitive. It’s important to teach your children that difficulties are going to happen. It will help them out for those unfortunate life situations. Teach them to have faith strong enough that nothing can tear them down. Instilling faith and prayers in your child is key to overcoming hurdles life brings.  

Watch Out For Allergies

 Another thing that can help you, is to make sure that your children aren’t struggling with allergies. Whether this is topical or internal, it’s important to be mindful of what they could be allergic to, and be vigilant of them. Allergies are a real thing and sadly, a struggle for many children and often overlooked or missed. It’s important that you’re fully aware what your child is eating and to watch their bodies and attitudes react to certain foods. 

The info graphic below has helpful tips on dealing with allergies in babies and young children:


Infographic Design By Regis College’s Behavioral Analysis Program

As always, the parent knows best. Do your research on everything and know you are raising great children. It’s not easy, but always worth fighting for.

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