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Everyone knows that developing the confidence of their child is absolutely essential to raising a healthy boy or girl. However, implementing that as the only purpose can sometimes be challenging and even feel impossible. Thankfully, doing this can be more than possible, provided you know how to develop your child in the best ways going forward. You need to be careful with this goal, as sometimes being too pushy or “too goal oriented” with them can have the opposite effect. A child should feel confident in themselves and it’s up to the parent(s) to make sure this is accomplished. Only praising them when they win can give them an unhealthy self-image, as often losing and trying again shows much more admirable traits than winning every time. We can’t teach our children that they are rainbows, unicorns, and snowflakes all the time.

Don’t confuse confidence with self praise. Of course praising a child is great and much needed throughout the day. But there’s also a healthy amount of discipline that a child needs in order to receive a healthy reality.


Helping your child organize their space can make them feel as if they have something to be proud of–a confidence booster. Kids wardrobes at Cuckooland are known for allowing children to interface with them well. It also allows them to hang, store and utilize the wardrobe for their clothing as they move towards dressing themselves. Storage baskets, under bed drawers and among many other options can also help their bedroom remain tidy and teaches a child responsibility. This is a great activity for your child to feel confident and encouraged. 


Hobbies are another great way to encourage and motivate your child. There are many to choose from that can help them build social connections, learn something new and understand what it means to get better. Of course you as the parent always know what’s best for your child and what exactly will benefit your child most. 

Also please let them develop at their own pace. Your child may never be the best soccer player, but if they’re willing to take part each week, exercise and have most importantly have fun, then that is perfect for them in this season of life. Of course advancing in a certain activity should be encouraged, but it should never be the main focus of your child’s confidence.


Listening to a child is in fact the most important thing you can do for your child. Simply giving them the platform to calmly speak their emotions can help in the midst of an argument, and teach them rational and mature coping skills. Listen to their funny jokes, and answer their repeated questions with love and patience. In return this can help them feel comfortable opening up to you. Never denigrate them for this, no matter how tired you are. Your children need you, and sometimes giving them that platform can help them develop in the most encouraged and worthwhile ways possible.

I hope you found this post beneficial to you in more than one ways. Perhaps you can implement a few of these tips. Of course, adjust as needed and add what you feel is best for your child. You are the parent; you know your child the best.

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