I’m sure you’ve heard the latest hype on Collagen and why you need it.

In fact, various collagen powders are now available at most grocery stores. So if you’re ready to jump on the collagen train after reading this post, I’m sure you can find a good source at your local grocery store.

So let’s break this down. What exactly is collagen?

  • Collagen is made up of amino acids. These amino acids support the body’s connective tissues such as: hair, nails, skin, and gut health. It’s basically a protein in the body that helps give structure to our connective tissues.

Very important and beneficial health wise. Basically, as we age we lose collagen and therefore it’s vital to take collagen supplements to restore what’s been broken down.

Makes sense right? Example: my three year old fractured his foot last week and I’ve been giving him an extra dose of collagen powder daily to restore the collagen in his body.

Why do you need to supplement with collagen?

Because with age, skin loses its elasticity, hair loses its color, nails weaken, and you may experience poor gut health (which points back to hair, skin, and nails). Therefore, a collagen supplement can improve the appearance of these connective tissues.

Ok, so we got this all figured out, but what about collagen protein and collagen peptides. Because yes, those are two different things and both are advertised as being beneficial to the body. So collagen protein has the same amino acids as peptides BUT it’s not soluble in cold water. That’s pretty much the only difference. Thus, peptides absorb in the blood stream faster.

But what about collagen and bone broth?

I’m sure you’ve also heard the latest on bone broth, fresh or powder form. Honestly, both are great. I prefer powder form because it’s mess free, easy to consume, and can be added to hot tea or coffee (it’s a thing!), smoothies, smoothie bowls, muffins, puddings, chia pudding, oatmeal, etc.

Bone broth is made by slowly cooking bones and cartilage in water to form gelatin. Basically, it’s the collagen from the bones that slowly dissolves into broth. BUT here’s the MAJOR difference…

Bone broth is NOT the same as collagen. 

However, both have healing properties and can be beneficial to the connective tissues. But if you want to get the most benefits from one source, go with collagen peptides. They are most easily absorbed in the blood stream. Peptides can heal the body faster because of it’s ability to quickly absorb in the blood stream.

Interested in trying out some bone broth collagen? This is the one I highly recommend. Pus you can earn 15% off your purchase. That’s a sweet deal I get monthly!

Get some collagen in your life!



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