Disclosure:This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because I was just thinking about how I could share with you more savings Target has to offer. 

Who here LOVES Target? Actually, who here CAN’T live without Target? Me. Definitely me.

I pretty much buy everything at Target (minus groceries). I especially love the baby essentials, Target is my go-to.

In fact, Target sees me at least twice a week (because sometimes I forget to grab something and it gives me an excuse to just go to Target). Also, who else loves the under $5 grabs? And the baby/toddler clothes? Save me ($$$).

So I have two littles. I also have two littles still in diapers (one is mainly potty trained except for bedtime). Diapers and wipes are by far the most used personal care item in this household (and also the most expensive!). BUT thanks to Target and their amazing deals and selections, I’m not draining my budget anymore. Check out the amazing deals on BABY ESSENTIALS going on this week ONLY at Target (now through 09/08/18).

Target is giving away a FREE $15 gift card on purchases of diapers, wipes (all the baby/toddler necessities) of $75 or more. SAY WHAT!?! Not sure you can spend $75 in one trip? Ha! Ok, how about grabbing some diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, some fruit/veggie pouches, and I love the organic snackies Target has for the little ones as well. I bet you’ll have your $75 added up real quick and then you can say hello to a free $15 gift card that you can splurge on yourself. Yes, mama deserves some lovin’.

It’s a great week to have a little one, be a Target lover, and snag a freebie while you’re at it! Happy shopping!


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