Sometimes you have friendships that last a lifetime.

And sometimes you have friendships that last a VERY short season.

I’ve had both friendships. The ones that last a short season hurt. Sometimes you understand and sometimes you don’t. In fact, oftentimes the reason for a broken friendship makes complete sense and it’s easy to walk away. But the friendships that fall apart and you don’t understand why, it’s hard to let go.

As for myself, I move around a lot. I rarely stay in one area for more than 18 months. My husband’s job requires us to leave and root elsewhere. And because of this, I meet a ton of people. I make friendships fast because I know it’s vital to connect and meet friends. But the friends I meet don’t always stick around. Sometimes they only last for the short season we’re around, or sometimes they last a lifetime.

I’ve learned over the past few years that friendships come and they go. There have been friendships in my life that have been easy to let go. In fact, I gladly say goodbye. There are others I understand the ways parting. And then there are the lifelong friendships that ache to say goodbye.

Why Does this Happen?


Change of paths.

Hurt feelings.


Hurtful words.




The reasoning can be endless. And even when you want to fix it, make it all better, and pretend it never happened; sometimes it’s for the best to just let go, move on, and let time and distance heal.

What about the friendships you could care more or less about?

We all have these. We’ve gone through these relationships. Quick friendships we pick up “just to say we have friends” but deep down, we don’t really care if they last a lifetime or not. Be honest. Don’t lie. I’ve been there. I still have these friendships. I don’t dislike the person. I just don’t feel the “wow, we belong together” feeling. These aren’t bad friendships. Sometimes you learn from these friends (positive or negative attributes) and sometimes you realize how you can better invest your energy into friendships benefiting you.

I would disagree that some friendships waste your time. You learn. You figure out different personalities, characters, and lessons. Sometimes you encounter people who appreciate you, learn from you, encourage you, motivate you, and want to be around you. And unfortunately there will be people who nit-pick every single thing you do. There can be false accusations, hurtful words, negativity, discouragement, and strife. Conflict usually symbolizes these friendships.

These people want to tear you down. We’ve all experienced these friendships. I know I have. Forgive them, bless them, and move on. Otherwise it will eat you up. There’s nothing more hurtful than bitterness and division. Do your part, forgive and for your sake, distance yourself. And view this situation as a life lesson.

And then the Lifelong Friendship

Hold on to these dear souls. They don’t come around often and they are gold. Treasure these sweet friendships, grow from them, be encouraged, thirst off of their joy and energy, and do life together. Life is busy with little ones, so what, find your dear momma friend and do busy together. These friends will partner with you, encourage you, do life with you, and love on you. Find these friends and don’t let go–even if life throws you apart.

There is nothing more special on this earth than walking through life with true friendships.



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