Try to incorporate these moves 2-3 times a week for optimal results. Keep in mind that a strong core will give you that beautiful strong posture. I usually end up doing ab work at the end of my workouts. It’s a good way to finish it off with a strong hoorah!

Exercise #1: V-Situps


Exercise #2: Single Leg Tuck-ins


Exercise #3: Leg-raise overhead


Exercise #4: Crossover Sit-up

Exercise #5: Mountain Climbers

V-Situps [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • I know this isn’t the officially “v-situp” but I couldn’t think of a better name!!
  • Begin by lying flat on your back
  • Slowly raise yourself up to a seated position, making sure to keep your legs and feet on the floor
  • Bend forward to touch the floor or mat in front of you
  • Slowly go back to the beginning pose
  • This is one rep


Single Leg Tuck-ins [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Being in a lying position, arms above your head
  • Slowly raise yourself so that you’re sitting in a balanced position
  • Bring one leg up to meet your arm and do a mini crunch and hold
  • Lower back down to the beginning position
  • This is one rep


Leg-raise overhead [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • You need a strong core with this one so be careful and be prepared!! 
  • Begin in a lying flat position
  • Lift your lower back off the mat and kick your legs straight back (above your face)
  • Hold in this position for 2-3 seconds
  • Slowly come back down


Crossover Sit-up [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a lying position
  • Slowly raise your body to a straight sitting position
  • Bend to the side from your hip
  • Roll back down slowly


Mountain Climbers [30 seconds | 3 rounds]

  • This one is a little different
  • Begin in a plank position (up on your toes and hands)
  • Kick each leg to your chest in a constant rhythm
  • Set a timer and go!
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