My kids.

I have two of them and yes, they are super close in age. Planned? I mean, what can I say. If you’re married, there ain’t such a thing as a mistake pregnancy. Just sayin’.

So what, I have two kids back to back and I love it. Yeah somedays are what-the-heck-were-you-thinking kind of hard. I mean sometimes I ask myself, if I’m really nuts or I have it together. Edit to change: I’m really nuts.

But this is life, y’all. This is motherhood. The dirty, the sticky, the teary eyed mama, the angry face mama, the overwhelmed I don’t know what the crap I’m doing mama is how motherhood gets done.

Can I get a hallelujah? Or maybe an Amen?

Am I the only mom over here busting her butt every single day trying to get life done and not falling flat on her face from either (A. exhaustion or, (B. overwhelmingness. Let’s face it, wrangling around two small children in and out of stores, in and out of car seats, chasing a toddler and carrying an infant (who is about 20lbs) in a carseat is tough work.

Who needs a gym membership when you have kids? *high five*

Or you know when you finally make it to the restaurant and you just want a break and it’s not even a fancy uptown restaurant but more like Chipotle where you serve yourself. So you get your food and suddenly it’s on the floor. Because your toddler has lost his mind when he realizes there’s no blue cup, green cup, red cup, yellow cup, or WHATEVER THE FREAKING HECK color cup he wants.


So you bend down very apologetically and trying to stay invisible as much as possible you pick up the mess. THE BIG SPANKING MESS. You’re sure an entire stadium worth of people are staring at you now, making a crap ton of nasty comments and rating your mom skills on a scale from 1-10.

You give yourself a 10. 

But then in that moment a little old lady chimes in and says, “those were my best years.” And all the feelings, like every single sad, teary faced emoji you ever used comes into real life.

You’re bawling. The ugly cry? Yeah it’s happening. And there ain’t anything stopping those tears.

It’s true girl. Some years way down the road, you’ll look back and think “gosh, it was easier, sweeter, and better then.” And so my goal today and every single day is:

  • Laugh during the silly moments.
  • Laugh during the exhausted, cry your face out moments.
  • Laugh during the “I want to pull my hair out moments!”
  • Laugh during the “I can’t mother anymore!”

Please, laugh. Laugh more, frown less. Your little one needs to see that you’re funny. Your little ones needs to know that mommy isn’t mad, frustrated or exhausted. But instead, mommy loves hanging out with me and that’s the kind of image I’m trying to create! <3


How are you going to mother today? Be a habit of happiness, joy, and thankfulness.

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