Mommy indulgence time.

Let’s be real. And let’s not fake it because life is too real.

What’s your go-to indulgence on a rare occasion? And I don’t care if it ranges from a tall glass of wine and big bowl of double fudge chocolate ice cream and a total chick-flick. Because hello, all of that sounds freaking amazing right now AND no one else is invited. Moms need space. Space is hardly a thing any ways.

I can’t go to the freaking bathroom without a pair of eyes staring right at me. Shower time is an impossibility too. How many of you actually shower after bedtime or during your kid’s bath time? (me).

So can we talk about something completely honest here? Moms need ALONE time.

Again: Moms need ALONE time. Like, it’s not just something we would like. We NEED it. Life is busy, hectic, and extremely exhausting. I know for me when I don’t get a chance to escape to my happy place for 30 minutes a day, I am unpleasant. I am moody. I hate myself even.

Mama, what is your happy place? No judging here either. For me, my happy place is the gym. For reals.

You see, working out releases tension and relieves stress.

But, that’s my happy place. Having a happy place and a go-to indulgence are two very different things. In fact, it’s super important and healthy to have both.

Happy place=the gym.

Go-to indulgence=stroll on the beach and eating raw chocolate (rare occasion to the beach and raw chocolate is costy!).

Why is it important?

Imagine not being able to breathe for more than two minutes. You’d pretty much faint and possibly die. Dramatic, huh? Well, moms are so strong and such superheroes that we go through everyday life often without catching a breath. We manage multiple children at once, household chores, cooking, finances, being a taxi driver, and what not. And guess what?

You’re still alive.

I swear mamas are the only human beings with this supernatural strength. We manage it all. So next time someone tries to tell you that you can’t do it, you’re a failure, too weak, too emotional, go ahead and punch them in the freaking face.

I want to hear your story!

I want to know your secret indulgence and happy place. It can be anything and I swear to goodness, no judging. We’re all mamas here, we get each other. Motherhood isn’t about competition.

In fact, motherhood isn’t about judge-wars, who-does-it-better, or completing-your-to-do-list-or-else-you’re-a-lazy-butt. No, motherhood is about the emotions and choices involved.

We all experience similar emotions.

Letting go.

The unknown.

The fear.

The hope.

The regrets.

The guilt.

The exhaustion.

The challenges.


Love more. Say less.

And tell me your indulgences and happy place! <3

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