Dear husband, please understand me and hear me out.

Life has changed. We no longer have Friday nights to ourselves and the ability to sleep in Saturday mornings. I miss those days too. Sometimes when I sit down for a second and nurse little babe, I think back to the time we had together and when there was no bedtime or fear of not getting enough sleep for staying up late.

I miss us having the WHOLE bed and not the very edge with two little people in between us. I miss being able to talk on the phone for hours and never have a silent moment. Now a phone call without an interruption is golden but we don’t know what to always say.

Dear husband, I miss Friday night dates. I also miss being pursued and wanted. Things have changed altogether. I miss being irresponsible, sharing our silly dreams together, and be excited every time we saw each other. Now when you come home I’m just glad to get a two second break from the kids so I can pee.

Dear husband, I promise I’m still the same woman you met–just a whole lot more tired. I promise I still love you the same. Life has changed but please wait for me. Don’t forget the countless memories we have together, the sweet moments we’ve shared. Life has taken its toll on and circumstances have changed who we are now. But dear husband, I promise this crazy busy season of life won’t last forever.

Dear husband, listen to me. I love you more now than I did on our wedding day. I know it often doesn’t feel that way, but it’s true. Watching you with our two sweet babes fills my heart with so much love and joy. This season of us being split in so many different directions won’t last forever. Someday we will have each other all to ourselves again.

Dear husband, thanks for loving me despite my many emotional rollercoaster moments. I can’t do this parenting thing without you. You’re the glue that holds me in place.


Dear husband, be patient with me. I won’t always be this tired, occupied with breastfeeding, potty training, meal prepping, cleaning up messes 25,000 times a day, and bedtime craziness.

Dear husband, wait for me too. I can be fun still. Hold onto me tighter. I need you during this season of life.

Dear husband, we are a team and I need you here for the ride all the way.

So dear husband, thank you for giving me the life I have. It’s way different now than it was 4 years ago, but I love the sacrifices you give just to make me happy.

Dear husband, you are my favorite and always will be.

Dear husband, I chose you and I would do it 10,000 more times.

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