So is it just me or does it seem like most moms are into the multilevel marking business these days? I get on Instagram and see all these moms posting about some product they are selling and/or are now trying. And in the past I was the mom who watched and bashed the other moms and thought to myself “really? you’re selling that?”

But let’s be honest. How many of you are part of a MLM? And how many of you do it because you want to help your family?


I recently became a distributor/member for Young Living. If anyone is not familiar with this company, you can read up on them here. I didn’t jump into this MLM right off the bat. In fact, I thought about it endlessly and considered it long before I decided to take this step. But unlike the many, many MLM’s out there, Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme and they are also CHRISTIAN based, which are only 2 reasons why I chose them.

So what’s the number one reason why I decided to become a part of Young Living? The idea of creating a toxic free lifestyle was far too HUGE for me to just ignore. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “okay, that’s what all distributors say about their product.” But that’s not it. I don’t sell anything. In fact, I don’t promote or push oils onto anyone.

I simply share.

I share my passion. But most importantly, I share and help others realize how many toxins are in their homes. I challenge you to go the cabinet where you store all of your cleaners and try to read through the list of chemicals on your all-purpose cleaner.

You can’t. I couldn’t either.

Did you know that the average woman exposes herself to over 300 chemicals a day, and 80% of those before breakfast. Toxins and chemicals are in EVERYTHING. I’m not trying to scare you. In fact, that’s not my purpose at all. I want to encourage you and open your eyes to the harmful ingredients the FDA allows in all sorts of products.

Why Essential Oils?

They are safe, natural and they work.

There are no funky ingredients. Peppermint oil contains ONLY peppermint. Lavender contains ONLY lavender. Lemon contains ONLY lemon. You name it. And now with Young Living, there is a 100% antibacterial, made with 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil household cleaner. It works. You don’t have to have various cleaners in your house anymore. Thieves Household Cleaner will seriously take care of your bathroom, the toilets, showers, countertops, mirrors, floors, stains, all surfaces, you name it. And the best thing? Your kids can clean too because it’s safe! Now who doesn’t like that?

Please, PLEASE understand that I am not selling any product. I am just sharing my passion and my concerns with you. Carcinogens are real y’all. They are cancer causing. Sicknesses are a huge cause of the environment and what we allow in our body, through our body, and on our body. You inhale chemicals every single day just by going outside. Why not take care of the inside of your home and be more cautious with what is on the inside.

Why Young Living?

They are the ONLY wellness company that has the seed to seal policy. There are no added ingredients in their oils. They are 100% pure and that is a fact! This is a BIG deal to me. I apply these oils to my babies and making sure there were no other added/hidden ingredients was a selling point. Your children have sensitive skin. They are little souls. They don’t need to be bombarded with chemicals at a young age. In fact, no one does! Your body is far too precious and important to allow harsh chemicals in.

I’m not selling you anything. I’m here to educate you. To help you. You are the gate keeper to your home and I want you to know what’s in your home and be aware of better options.

Please reach out to me if I can help you in any way. And together we can slowly ditch the toxins out of your life and switch in the product that will in return heal your body.

Below is a picture of everything that comes in the Premium Starter Kit and this is how I started and all my mommy friends began as well.

Why start with the Kit?

I went with this option because it’s the cheapest route with the oils coming out to roughly $10-$12 a bottle. Plus you get the diffuser, which I use ALL the stinking time, 2 Ninxia Red sample (amazing source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins) a few samples, and a roller bottle attachment. This is a great kit to get you started on the oils because you can pretty much create anything with these 10 oils. Oh and I forgot to mention the bonus oil…STRESS AWAY! If you’re a mommy you cannot live without this oil.

Young Living also has a makeup line now, a baby/kid line, pet line, cleaning line, fitness related product, and a whole ton of essential oils. If you want to get rid of the toxins in your house but don’t know where to start, they have an entire thieves cleaner kit. Definitely worth the investment!

Again, I’m not selling. I’m sharing and if you find this intriguing and you want to be part of this, let me know. If you sign up three friends you get your kit for free ($50 bonus check each time you sign someone up).

Be blessed mamas and together we can kick the toxins and yucky chemicals out of our lives!



Click here to get started on the journey or comment below and I will definitely help you out!

Have you tried essential oils before and if so, are you sold?

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