Girls, the mom life is getting to me today. I’m tired. I’m irritated. I’m exhausted. I can’t escape. And I want me time. But then I have a little toddler following me around calling me mama, pulling my shirt, grabbing my legs, fussing at my feet, and wanting only mama. Since daddy is deployed I literally have no lone time and you know what I miss most? Jesus time. I already wake up super early and for a while I managed to always squeeze in devotions. However, lately my son has decided to skip nap time and cut it back to only 45 minute to an hour. Mamas, this is so frustrating. I barely get a chance to breathe or focus on something besides being a mama. So while I may be slightly annoyed, exhausted, and beat up from everyday life, I need to remember that I am ministering into my son’s life. Because sometimes it is so easy to forget that I am doing something besides being a mama. My job is important. And even though somedays I forget that my actions and words do affect my baby, I need to always remember that no matter what, I am the vessel to my son’s spiritual growth. So today when I am discouraged because I can’t find me time or I can’t escape to nourish my spiritual wellbeing, I am remembered that my life speaks to my son.

  • I choose to encourage him.
  • I choose to act in love.
  • I choose to speak joy. dtp_20160916-42-2
  • I choose to speak life.
  • I choose to pray over him.
  • I choose to minister to him.

These are the principles I choose to live by on a daily basis. My job isn’t only to wash the dishes, pick up the toys for the billionth time today, change another poopy diaper, wipe another messy chin, or kiss a scrapped knee. My duty as a mother is to be light into my son’s life and to teach him the love of Jesus so he can pass it on to his children. I once heard that a parent will know they did a great job based on the character of their grandchildren.

Speak life into your babies. Show love to your children. Care with a giving heart. And never beat yourself up for not doing enough. You are a mama who gives and someday your children will thank you for all your hard work.

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