So let’s talk about stress. You know, that ugly thing that tends to bring up conflict every single day. In fact, I’ve created a simple and short list of what stress is and what stress is not. But first, let’s figure out what stress is. Just getting through this week (and most weeks) stress reveals itself more than enough. I have a one year and my husband is deployed. I moved home for the time being and adjusting to everyone’s schedules and bringing a toddler back to the house where the youngest is already 12 changes the atmosphere quite a bit. Stress comes in many forms but I have realized this week alone that stress appears most in these few ways.

  • Be an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!-7Stress is hideous.
  • Stress kills.
  • Stress hurts.
  • Stress argues.

What stress is not:

  • Stress is not joy.
  • Stress is not lively.
  • Stress is not spontaneous.
  • Stress is not easygoing.
  • Stress is not fun.
  • Stress is not entertaining.
  • Stress is not love.
  • Stress is not compassion.

You see, I could go on and on about what stress is not. The truth is, there are so many more things what stress is not yet for some reason it’s a lot easier to get stressed out than to remain chill and joyful through all situations. This week alone I have learned what to stress about and what not to stress about. Honestly I haven’t done all that well. I hope next week starts better but I realize I am the one who has to make the change. The best way I deal with stress is by walking outside for five minutes, taking a deep breath, soaking up the sun rays, and then walking back inside and tackling the situation. I realize that I am the only one who can change the stress. Stress affects me. Stress affects the situation. Stress doesn’t make room for love. Stress is plain out ugly. So the truth is, stress killed me this week. It killed my joyful attitude and it definitely killed the smile inside and outside of me.

Before you start today, tomorrow, or any other day, choose what to battle with, choose what to allow to bother you, and choose your happiness. I promise it’ll make for much better days!

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