Y’all. I have a huge announcement. I have big news! News that has changed my life and something that made a positive difference in everything that has to do with parenting, motherhood, and just being Vanessa.

Ready for the life changing news that has changed my life in a super good way?

My son finally decided that sleeping on his OWN all night long feels amazing! I put him in his crib every night and he doesn’t wake up until 7:30 the following morning. The first few nights I got up just to check on him and make sure he was still there and breathing. And to my surprise, he was sound asleep in the cutest little ball dreaming away. This is so huge to me. I’m talking about a child who used to wake up every two hours throughout the night, require a full nursing session and still cuddle up right next to me in order to fall back asleep. I did this for many, many months in a row and I don’t regret any of it. I loved his sweet baby breath and his chubby little hands nestled right next to me. I never cared about his kicks or squirms because I knew this time would not last an eternity. Someday he would grow up and realize he doesn’t need mama to put him back to sleep anymore. On top of sleeping on his own and through the night, he also weaned himself. All of these changes came fast and were at first heartbreakin2g to think that my baby was okay without all these sweet habits we created.

I know I will never regret him sleeping right next to me for many, many nights in a row. I also will never regret ourmiddle of the night cuddles, talks, and memories. I miss those breast-feeding sessions but I am also extremely thankful he has finally reached the point of sleeping on his own. This mama needed it and it feels amazing. Yes-I miss my baby during the night, but I also love this new routine of going to bed and staying in bed. Motherhood is full of seasons, phases, and patterns. They come and go just as fast as your child grows and I think every mother can attest to that!


Did you do the whole sleep on your own/through the night from an early age or kept baby right next to you?


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