IMG_11981I’m home. I drove home three weeks ago and I absolutely love everything about being home. I love the Texas sunsets, the dirt roads, the big blue skies, my family and the friends I get to see on a day to day basis. I love all these moments and the summer memories and getting to talk to my mom every single day face to face and watching my dad and siblings interact with my son is so much fun.

But even though there are all these good aspects about being home, I miss hubby. I miss him more and more every single day. Woke up this morning to a dream, a dream that will come true at some point but it feels so far away. I dreamt that the ship came back last night. I pictured my sailor walking down the brow with a proud smile on his face as he swept me in the air and kissed our son and greeted him with such joy. And then I woke up and realized I was still in my pi’s, I had bad morning breath, my hair fell over my face in an unkempt  way, and I remembered that it was just a dream. We still have many more months ahead of us until we can live that dream and no longer have to imagine that sweet, perfect day.

These are thoughts of a Military wife. Every night I fall asleep with my husband on my mind, wondering if he’s okay and where he’s at. I try and imagine the memories we made before he left but most times it leaves a sad imprint on my heart. Many days I fake a smile just to get through my day, but am I really trying to tell myself that I’m okay or make others believe I got this? I live in a society where emotions and feelings are faked and to feel weak almost makes you feel incompatible. But the truth is, somedays I really can’t get through the situations I’m faced with. I’ve had multiple circumstances within the past month. During the moment it felt impossible but looking back I’ve realized how much I’ve grown and strengthened.

All you wiBe an Imperfect Mama with the perfect joy!-4ves, this is for you. Treasure your husband. Love him more every day. Kiss him at least three times a day (before he goes to work, when he comes home, and before he goes to bed). Show him you love him. Enjoy his presence. Laugh at the silly arguments. Make fun memories. Do goofy things. Appreciate him. Adore him. Praise him. Thank him. Cherish him.

My husband and I are separated for a time being. Even though we don’t know for sure how much longer, we both know it’s a ways away until we join again. Don’t ever forget to tell your husband just how much you love him and appreciate him. Every single day.

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