So we’re in Michigan this week visiting family and taking some time off from the regular craziness back in Florida. As I was feeding Eli lunch today, I got to thinking that in a year from now we will be stationed somewhere else. And in a year from now I will have to start all over from nothing and make nothing into something. I will have to reestablish my life elsewhere and pick up in a completely new place with totally new faces and also adjust to my husband’s new schedule.

This is the military life. Sometimes it’s really not easy, such as leaving behind the life you made in one place and having to make a new life somewhere else. I now have such sweet mommy friends and let me tell you something. Mommy friends ARE important! I try and get together with at least two or three mommies every week and have mommy conversations while the babies play. And honestly, most of the conversations go something like this:

“How’d yours sleep last night?”

“Um, he did a three hour stretch!”

“Oh my gosh, guys mine is fixing to crawl!”

“Girl, just you wait until he walks. Your life will change in every single possible way!”

So yeah, we’re moms and we’re still talking about our babies but that’s because it’s our life. My kid is part of me and if you can’t accept that, then sorry we won’t get along. And so, in a year from now I will have to search for those friends again. I will have to use my extrovert self (maybe that’s why God created me with an outgoing personality!) and make new friends. It’s hard. It sucks. And somedays I wish things wouldn’t have to change. But that’s how life goes. Life isn’t always sweet, rosy, sugary, and perfect. There are plenty of bumps in the road and some of the bumps require you to make a change.

In a year from now I’ll be in a different house. An additional 100 miles away from my family. And life will bring adjustments and challenges but also positive aspects such as Sam being home for a whole year!

I guess my point is that mommy friends ARE important. It’s healthy to have those goofy, silly girl conversations that sometimes mean nothing but feel so good. Oh and it’s okay to share the load with your mommy friends and tell them you can’t do it all and somedays you feel like a zombie walking on the face of this earth. Let’s be real. THEY WILL TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Every time I feel like I can’t do it anymore, I text my one mommy friend who always gets me and you know what? She’ll be going through a similar situation too.

Find those mommy friends and make an effort to have some chit chat time together.

Believe it or not, you need it. Because honestly, your hubby doesn’t always get you. It’s impossible. He’s a dude, with a dude mind, and a dude perspective on EVERYTHING. He doesn’t understand that nursing is sweet BUT exhausting. He doesn’t understand that taking a shower alone or peeing alone is AMAZING. He’s wired differently.

But your mommy friend? She gets it. And she needs you too!

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