I am back. I had to say goodbye to my family yesterday with a super heavy heart and adult-up real quick. I didn’t even had time for many tears because the second I stepped in my apartment I realized the lights were off and no matter how many times I flicked the light switch nothing happened. And then I ran over to the fridge and sure enough everything I left in the fridge and freezer m
elted and it stunk! OH MY WORD. I nearly had a heart attack. I didn’t want to come back to begin with and then having to come back to that mess was a nightmare. Oh and to top it off, Sam returned 30 minutes after I did and so after not seeing each other for over a month, we had to deal with rotten food, a stinky apartment, a cranky baby who was hungry, and updates after updates on various things we haven’t talked about; yesterday started off a bit rough. Thankfully I have an incredibly sweet guy who doesn’t take any of this stuff seriously and relaxes and has fun in the midst of the life’s messes. We cleaned up the mess, threw away everything and headed on over to Chipotle to enjoy a real meal.

So today I’m keeping it real. I woke up to this mess and it just got messier as the morning went on. I only had enough coffee beans for one cup of coffee and tore the pantry apart searching for food for my little buddy. I finally showered at noon, loaded up the car, buckled the baby in the car seat (which by the way needs to either be adjusted or we need to install the toddler kind of seat), and headed on over to Trader Joe’s and Costco. I came back with two happy faces, a full fridge and freezer, and made a wonderful homemade meal. Ah.

Even in the midst of the crazy and the unexpected, I found joy in the stuff that drives me crazy. Today I learned to realize that all of these things are only as bad as I make them. I can sit around and loathe in my unhappiness and complain how sucky things are, considering all the food I had to throw away, or how much sleep I loss last night because the baby had a hard time adjusting back to his crib, or how soon I have to say goodbye to Sam again. But instead, I took a step back, inhaled some fresh air, and thanked God that we aIMG_20160413_100104re all back together as a family after a month of crazy traveling.

Oh and there’s a picture of my morning. It doesn’t matter anymore. That mess reminds me how blessed I am to have an almost 10 month old who keeps me on my toes and allows me to have a busy schedule so I don’t drive myself insane.

God is good. God is faithful. God blesses my little family.

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