Me. I LOVE me some good ol’ chocolate peanut butter cookies but with extra crunch and double chocolate chips rolled in the cookies. Mmmm! I might just have to make me a batch right now. I love to eat but I don’t always like the effort I have to put into making a meal and then cleaning. Because somehow preparing takes forever but eating happens in like 2 seconds.

So I’m a vegan. Yeah. Most of my friends avoid inviting me over for meals because it’s not that easy to prepare food for me (or so they think! ha!). Actually, it’s quite simple. All I need is a big bowl of green leafy salad and maybe a few cut up peppers, avocado, and carrots. I became a vegan when I was 8 years old and then ventured with meat and dairy in my teen years and two years ago, I returned back to my old lifestyle. I feel best and look best when I keep up with my regimen.

And there are SO many yummy recipes for vegans now. Oh my word. A few weeks ago I made chocolate covered mint ice cream bars and yes, they are gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free. So you can actually eat an amazing tasty treat without feeling guilty and fat. Now, who doesn’t want that? I rarely go out and eat because I find the meals at the restaurants don’t easily accommodate my eating habits so I rather spend the money on groceries and prepare a healthy meal at the house. I also love raw fudge with walnuts and a creamy raw chocolate icing coated on top. Oh and gluten free tortilla chips made with almond flour and then dipped in homemade guacamole. OH MY WORD. Staawwwwp!

What are some of your favorite treats and recipes? And do you tend to be more a health nut or hurry up and just eat something because it’s that kind of day? Believe me, I’ve had those days too!

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