But I love it so much

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I’ve been a young girl. I’ve been a teenager. I’ve been a high schooler. I’ve been a college student. I’ve been an employee. I’ve been an intern. I’ve been an engaged woman. I’ve been a newlywed. I’ve been a college grad. Now I’m a mom. I’ve gone through all those roles and have walked through […]

He Won’t Need Mommy

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When people told me “Enjoy your baby, it goes by fast!” I tried to ignore that thought and told myself, “Yeah, whatever that won’t be my case!” Well, we’re almost 10 months into this whole baby thing and I can’t even explain where those 10 months have gone. In most ways it feels like yesterday […]

Stop! Go AWAY!

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Last night I had a sad mommy moment. My eight month old fell. He’s fallen down many times and he’s bumped his head, but last night was one for the books. He pulled himself up on the dishwasher door as I was loading it. The floor was a little wet from his zippy cup and […]


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Only a mother truly knows what tiredness feels like. It’s the feeling like none other and honestly, it is hard to explain. Any tired person is considered useless but a tired mama can still run and manage a household. It may not be the tidiest house, the kids may be cranky, and the laundry and […]