Let’s Get Dirty…

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Happy Friday, mamas! It felt like this week was never going to come to an end. My husband is back on 14 hour days and boy, 14 hours in a day never felt so long before! Let’s Get Dirty Let’s talk about household cleaners and everything “green”. Did you know that just because a household […]

Lights On for Your Husband

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How many of you stare in the mirror day after day and always find something new to criticize about? “I hate my legs.” “I hate my belly.” “I hate my hair.” “I hate my teeth.” And what not… Criticism Kills Criticism is a woman’s worst enemy. In fact, criticism is so dangerous it can kill […]

Motherhood is More than the Wars

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Mommy indulgence time. Let’s be real. And let’s not fake it because life is too real. What’s your go-to indulgence on a rare occasion? And I don’t care if it ranges from a tall glass of wine and big bowl of double fudge chocolate ice cream and a total chick-flick. Because hello, all of that […]

Dear Husband, Please Listen to Me

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Dear husband, please understand me and hear me out. Life has changed. We no longer have Friday nights to ourselves and the ability to sleep in Saturday mornings. I miss those days too. Sometimes when I sit down for a second and nurse little babe, I think back to the time we had together and […]

Is It Just Another MLM Scheme?

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So is it just me or does it seem like most moms are into the multilevel marking business these days? I get on Instagram and see all these moms posting about some product they are selling and/or are now trying. And in the past I was the mom who watched and bashed the other moms […]

Determining Your Busy

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So we’re all busy. I get it. I have two littles and I mean, one who JUST turned 2 and the other is almost 5.5 months. I’m busy. I also have a bu siness (educator and coach for Young Living Essential Oils)–great products, by the way! My husband also works an average of 70 hours a […]

Do You Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

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Maybe you drink green smoothies once or twice a day if you’re a rockstar. Maybe you only shop at Whole Foods and don’t own sugar or anything with sugar in it. Also, you make sure you only buy organic and never have cheat days. In fact, you’re the picture of perfect health. Newsflash: “If you’re […]