It’s Okay to Give up, Mama

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First things first: stop creating a todo list for everyday. I just had my second a few weeks ago. And oh boy, adding another little human being to the bunch definitely spices things up a bit. There’s so much going on every single second of every single day. Sometimes I have to take a really […]

Today is Only a Gift

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Life has been busy! Three weeks ago we welcomed a little girl into this world. Olivia Marie! We are in love with her. In addition to giving birth, my laptop broke two days before her arrival. So life has been crazy but it’s finally coming back to normal. How have I been adjusting to two under […]

Why Valentine’s Day is Overrated

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The roses. The chocolates. The teddy bear. The kisses, I love you, and hugs. It’s that one day a year when the men go nuts and the women are wooed. And the pressure to make it the most perfect Valentine yet weighs heavy on most couples. The day can go only one of two ways: absolutely blissful […]