To the Instagram Mom

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You post a picture of your gourmet dinner and all three children eating, no fits, no meltdowns, no tears, no fights. You post a picture of your baby sleeping peacefully in the crib. But what you don’t show what your face looks like. I bet exhaustion. Real, deep wrinkles, maybe a tear or two, and […]

I’m the Problem In Our Family

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It sure feels like my husband is married to his job. He spends more time at work in a single day than here at home throughout the week (i.e. waking hours). I mommy alone, 24/7. To say I am exhausted, frustrated, stretched thin, and overwhelmed are complete understatements. And to be completely honest, I hate […]

What’s Your Habit?

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My kids. I have two of them and yes, they are super close in age. Planned? I mean, what can I say. If you’re married, there ain’t such a thing as a mistake pregnancy. Just sayin’. So what, I have two kids back to back and I love it. Yeah somedays are what-the-heck-were-you-thinking kind of […]

When I Fail to Thank You

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  To my husband. Our days are long. We start four hours before the sun gets up and we end four hours after the sun goes down. We run 100mph all day long and have nothing left to give each other by the end of the day. In fact, we crash on the sofa once […]