Determining Your Busy

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So we’re all busy. I get it. I have two littles and I mean, one who JUST turned 2 and the other is almost 5.5 months. I’m busy. I also have a bu siness (educator and coach for Young Living Essential Oils)–great products, by the way! My husband also works an average of 70 hours a […]

Do You Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

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Maybe you drink green smoothies once or twice a day if you’re a rockstar. Maybe you only shop at Whole Foods and don’t own sugar or anything with sugar in it. Also, you make sure you only buy organic and never have cheat days. In fact, you’re the picture of perfect health. Newsflash: “If you’re […]

Why Car Safety Matters First

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.  Any mom knows and understands the importance of car safety and car shopping. In fact, car safety is a huge deal to me, mainly because I am responsible for two other lives. I do not care if the laws say 2 year olds can switch to […]

Why I LOVE My Mom Suit and You Should Too

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It’s summer and summer means hot afternoons, sunny days, lots of watermelon and ice cream, and… swimsuits. Yikes! Moms and swimsuits go together just like toddlers and the word clean. They just don’t. Honestly, I hate wearing a swimsuit. This is my first summer in three years that I am swimming. I have either been […]

Leave My Child Alone!

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So you know how your mama taught you good manners, such as don’t take from other people without asking first. Oh and also don’t assume something until you know for certain. These are common courtesies and just make sense. Well, let’s face it. How many times has someone offered something to your child without asking […]

I know it’s Tough, Mama.

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Single parents, I admire you. I freaking heck admire your strength. Your patience. Your endurance. I mean, heck, you are freaking superheroes because you do it all. Lately I’ve been the dad and mom of this family. And let me just say: it sucks and it’s hard! Being a mama is already hard but getting […]

Why Mama is More Important

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Having babies is no joke. You adapt, adjust and give up so many things. And even then, it’s not easy to get use to and sometimes you miss the life you had back in the day. I swear, these are normal feelings. You’re a normal woman for having these emotions. Motherhood is a rollercoaster of […]

When Mama Doesn’t Work Enough

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Oh that four letter word: time. It’s a crucial word because time is a crucial thing. With time all things are possible. Because with time you have the ability to pretty much do whatever possible and whenever possible. But without time, things lack. You lack. Time is valuable, precious, and important. I have two little […]

Dear Mom, I know.

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Dear mom. You walk around the park, two little ones in the double stroller and a newborn strapped on your chest. The thought of making a mommy friend at the park crosses your mind but then you stop and think, “nah, not today. ” Most days you barely get by with your amount of energy […]