Making fitness a priority throughout your day is a game changer mentally and physically. Whenever I have a rough day, I know that when I get a good workout in I will feel automatically better. Obviously it can be tough to often prioritize fitness, especially when there are multiple things going on throughout the day or your life. But, it’s essential to make health and fitness a priority for the overall benefit of your life.

1) Set A Daily Fitness Goal

It can be helpful to set a daily fitness goal, such as walking for 30 minutes or doing a certain number of pushups or squats. This way, you have something to work towards daily, and you’re more likely to stick with your fitness routine. If you aim to do a 90 minute workout daily, you might quickly realize how that will burn you out and you will fall away from your goal. Start small and then build up as the weeks/months go by. Also, weekly or monthly goals might be helpful to set up to keep you accountable. A 30 minute walk 3x a week is also another beneficial way to implement some daily fitness goals. 

Don’t get too ambitious with your goals.. Start off with realistic goals so you don’t get too discouraged early on with your endeavors.

2) Create A Fitness Schedule

Another helpful tip is to create a fitness schedule and stick to it as much as possible. This might mean working out first thing in the morning or walking during your lunch break. I love a morning workout. It’s my most favorite way to kickstart the day. It doesn’t always happen, unfortunately and many times I have to squeeze it in before dinner. But if at all possible, create a schedule and stick to it. It might even be helpful to set a reminder on your phone or write down your workout time in your plan! Remember, give yourself a high five for every workout you accomplish, and a grace for the ones you miss out on. Life happens. Things happen. There’s always tomorrow to restart. 

3) Make Use Of Apps

There’s an app for that–including fitness! There are any health and fitness apps available to help you stay on track or you can always create a fitness app. Some apps track your steps, monitor your calorie intake, and even provide workout routines. Having all of this information at your fingertips can make it easier to see where you need to improve and where you’re already giving it 100%. 

Some apps allow you to connect with friends who have similar fitness goals. This can provide motivation and encouragement, as well as a sense of competition. Seeing how much progress your friends have made can push you to reach your own goals. And if they’re struggling, you can offer support and advice. Using an app is a great way to prioritize fitness throughout the day.


There are many ways to make fitness a priority throughout the day. It might take some time and effort to find what works best for you, but it’s worth it in the end. Just remember to be patient, flexible, and most importantly- don’t give up! Creating and sticking to a healthy routine can be daunting, but it’s definitely achievable with a bit of planning and effort.

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