There is a vacation and there is a trip. A vacation happens when mom and dad get to travel alone and a trip is when you go with the kids. With all that said, traveling as a family is all about memory making. It’s a time to reflect on goals, memories, and most of all, uninterrupted time together. I see a family trip as a great way to take a step away from the busyness, the electronics, and focus on your family.  

Sure, a trip with the whole family is never easy and rarely 100% relaxing. There will be uncalled hiccups along the way and unfortunate mishaps that happen. However, starting the trip off with the mentality of “some things might be a disaster and that’s okay” will set you up for more success rather than disaster and stress.

If you haven’t done the whole outdoor camping experience yet, then it might be time to research tents and all things camping and get into the great outdoors. Kids thrive from nature, hikes, star gazing and fresh air. Besides, bonding through nature might be just what your family needs.

Let’s Go Camping

While camping sounds fun and a perfect way to disconnect from the world for a few days, it’s best to prepare beforehand. If camping isn’t your normal getaway experience, it might be best to start with a well-chosen paid campsite. This will ensure that everyone still has a shower, toilet, and other luxuries for comfort and entertainment. It’s best to go prepared the first few times before diving all in with no experience and having a terrible memory to remember on. 

Grab the Right Gear

Packing for more than one person is always overwhelming. But it can be especially overwhelming if you’re going camping with no essentials nearby. Just in case you overlook some of the camping basics, EcoGear FX will have everything you need. And then next time you can go prepared and not be left empty handed. After a few times of getting out in the wilderness, you’ll become a regular and a pro at camping.

Come up with a Plan

Camping might be a more slow paced trip. The idea is to unplug for a few days and reconnect with your family. But with that in mind, there might be a few lulls in the day. Even though that is okay, you might experience some sour attitudes and boredom. It might be a good idea to plan occasional treats, hikes, trips to local towns, and of course the odd day for relaxing. This will shape any camping trip, helping kids to stay happy, and hopefully get everyone out of their comfort zone and rejuvenated. 

Camping is a great start to unplug from the outside world and reconnect with your people. A little bit of nature, a lot of fresh air, and time away from technology, is a great mix for a good family time.

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