There is no doubt that exercise is crucial to maintaining optimum health. The world’s population has become less active throughout the years. According to the World Health Organization, up to five million deaths could be avoided annually if the world’s population was more active. Many people who stay in shape rely on workouts like running and weight-lifting. However, there are many other areas of exercise you can venture with and see improvement in your physically wellbeing. 


Most people view walking as not challenging enough. And while that may be true, brisk walking still has many benefits. A brisk walk a couple times throughout the week can increase your energy, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your immune system, and boost your cardiovascular fitness. Plus, you get the benefit of fresh air and sunshine while staying active. Also, picking different routes and maybe adding some hill training can accelerate your heart and challenge you physically.

Tai Chi

This is a great, gentle and graceful exercise for your body. Tai Chi is a sequence of movements performed in a slow and focused way accompanied by deep breathing. Your body constantly moves and works up a sweat. The blood pumps throughout your body as your muscles fire up. Tai Chi is an excellent stress relief escape and forces your mind to concentrate on breathing and moving. There are a few organizations such as TCHI that provide information and support to anyone interested in this form of exercise.

Get the Jump Rope

This is an old school form of exercise, but one that never gets old. It’s an effective and excellent source of cardio and strengthening the whole body. Jumping rope improves your coordination, agility, and balance. You can either jump rope to warm up before a workout, or include jumping rope into your workout regimen to maintain an active heartrate throughout.

Get Planking

The plank is a full body workout. Doing a plank every day engages the abdominal muscles, upper body, and lower body. A plank can also reduce back pain as it strengthens your lower back muscles. Doing planks enables your body to do several other physical activities more efficiently. Consider planking at least once daily for about 30 seconds to one minute using the proper technique.

There are plenty of forms of exercises you can venture on and they don’t have to be invasive on your body. In fact, most of the exercises mentioned above are gentle on your muscles and can be a great addition to your current workout schedule or enough as a stand alone.

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