I understand that life gets busy. And sometimes it’s hard to follow through on checkups and show up to your appointment. It’s easier to just ignore “the issue” and continue on with life. Or perhaps it’s easy to think, “I’ll call and make the appointment next week.” Unfortunately, most of us forget or simply ignore and another month or year go by. It’s also not easy to make appointments when you have small children to coordinate childcare for or perhaps you have a demanding job.

But I am here to tell you that you must make you a priority and follow through with your appointments. In general, visiting a dentist, optometrist, an OB and a general practitioner is a great place to start to maintain overall great health. Also, visiting the dentist at least once a year can save you from unnecessary extensive procedures.

So even though it might be inconvenient now, taking care of yourself and going to your checkups won’t be inconvenient in the future.

1. General Practitioner

A general practitioner is a doctor that deals with all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Even though you might feel fine on the outside, it never hurts to follow through regularly and see what’s going on inside. Make sure to ask what other types of tests or procedures they perform in their office because it can be helpful if they offer blood work, x-rays, spirometry (breathing test), EKGs (heart test), etc. These tests could help detect certain health conditions before symptoms start showing up!

It’s always best to catch a concern early on before it becomes a real issue. And even if you suspect an issue, it doesn’t always end up being an issue. When it comes to your health, it’s okay to ask all the questions and take all the precautions. Chest pain doesn’t always ensure an issue with your heart. In other words, don’t immediately predict worst case scenario.

2. Dentist 

Before you come up with every excuse why you can’t go to the dentist, stop! I dislike the dentist so much. In fact, I have to give myself a mental pep talk before showing up because I get some real fear and anxiety. But, ignoring your dental visits won’t do you much good. Unfortunately you can’t see what’s going on in between your teeth on in the back of your mouth. That’s why it’s important to follow through with your exams once or a twice a year. I recently went for my annual checkup. To be honest, I considered canceling my appointment multiple times. But guess what? Canceling would have only hurt me.

After your appointment you will feel accomplished and satisfied that you followed through and got the necessary work done.  It’s always best to get your annual check-up by your dental services because they can help detect any diseases or illnesses that are going on with you!

3. Optometrist 

I think we can all agree that visiting the optometrist, is the least invasive and easiest to come by. I have been wearing glasses for 21 years so paying my Optometrist is a no brainer for me.  A yearly check-up with your local optometrist will help ensure nothing is wrong with your vision. If there are any issues, they can be treated right away instead of progressing into something worse down the road!

Just like with everything else, it’s best to catch an issue early on so all the measures can be taken. Plus, your eyes give you all sorts of enjoyment and without a clear eyesight, it can be detrimental to your everyday life.

4. Gynecologist 

So if it’s in between a gynecologist or the dentist some might argue to agree that these two are the least enjoyable doctors to visit on a regular basis. However, it’s advised that women of all ages should visit their local gynecologist often to help detect any diseases or illnesses early on! Remember, you don’t have to have an issue before going in for your checkup. In fact, it’s better if you go with no issues. 

We all only get one body and also live in an aging world. There is no reason to ignore issues or annual checkups. Getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, food and pure water is an excellent way to maintain your health. However there is no shame in calling to make an appointment. Your health and wellness matter. You only have this body once and it’s essential to take care of it throughout every stage in life.

Go to your checkups!


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