There is a reoccurring trend throughout the past many decades now and that is how can I lengthen the quality and length of life. And while of course there is no definite right answer, there are health decisions that can encourage a longer, healthier quality of life. But of course, we live in a fallen world and death is inevitable. However, there are choices we can make that can perhaps delay or improve your quality of life.

Get Up and Move

Lack of exercise and movement is one of the leading factors that can trigger long-term health issues. In fact, sedentary lifestyles can increase your risk of early death by around 99%. Sure, no one can determine the actual cause of an early death.  It’s still vital to keep in mind that a lack of activity does increase heart conditions. 

Bad habits also encourage premature health issues. It’s best to avoid smoking, poor eating choices, and instead be intentional about your decisions. Of course everyone will die at some point, but it’s also the quality of life that you live that matters and how you can give back to others because of your state of health. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating light to moderate exercise a few times throughout the week.

Move Daily

Exercise doesn’t have to entail going to the gym on a daily basis. In fact, most people don’t have a lifestyle that supports an hour workout each day. Small changes such as spending 30 minutes outside daily in the fresh air and moving your body is a great improvement. Sure, the more exercise you do, the healthier you might be. And I’m sure you’re aware that exercise can lead to a healthier heart. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break out in a sweat every single day and fatigue your muscles just to extend your overall wellbeing.

Here is a great post to check up on if you need more tips on how to make a run for your life. In addition to the health benefits, physical activity also does wonders for your mental wellbeing. I can testify to this well. Whenever I feel stressed, a good workout releases any stress and tension my body is going through. 

Say No to Unhealthy Habits

This may seem obvious, but are you aware of how many unhealthy habits you have incorporated? For instance, smoking is relatively obvious that it will destroy your lungs and organs. But what about drinking and your eating choices?

As we briefly mentioned, a sedentary lifestyle can be problematic if you’re trying to live for longer.  However, you do need to keep in mind that exercise can only take you so far. You cannot workout daily and still expect to consume fast food three times a day or have an alcoholic beverage once or twice a day and not have health issues pop up later on in life. This may sound extremely morbid, but your loved ones shouldn’t have to find pictures to be put on cemetery headstones for the lack of good health decisions you could have made earlier on in life.  

Think of it this way: for every good habit you take on, remove one bad habit. The changes might not seem so daunting and overwhelming that way.

Seek the Truth

Poor decisions, lack of knowledge, and believing lies about health and food are a few of the causes that lead to premature death. In other words, next time you stand at a checkout counter pay attention to your surroundings. You will most likely notice an array of candy, chips, and sodas. So the truth is, you have to look out for yourself and do research. The truth isn’t far, but you have to seek for it because healthy choices are not usually promoted options.

 A healthy body takes time to develop, but once you achieve it, you’ll find that it’s much easier to ward off illnesses, muscle aches, and other conditions that could affect your body in a negative way. It’s all about building up a shield that protects your body from damage and helps you prolong your life.

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