When we switch our mindset over to celebrating what our body can do during a workout instead of beating it up over what we ate, a whole new level of appreciation takes place. Sure, most of us can admit that we love to exercise because of the results. It’s important to get the most out of each workout so you’re not wasting time and money (if you invested into a gym). Plus, there are a few varieties you can take on with working out. Lifting weights, HIIT, cardio, and Crossfit are a few of the options.

Hit the Weights

Lifting weights is a game changer. When you fatigue your muscles, your body goes into a fat burning mode for a few hours following the workout. Plus, there are multiple benefits to lifting weights such as strengthening your bones and firing up your metabolism. Weight lifting may also improve your posture and most definitely give you a stronger and more firm appearance.

I like to incorporate weight training in all of my workouts. However, if you prefer cardio, you can still keep that up and add weight lifting a few times throughout the week. There are plenty of options and tutorials on YouTube if you are in need of inspiration.

Take Supplements

I used to believe supplements were a waste of money and a time investment that was not worth it. Well, my perspective has changed quite a bit and I realize the benefits of taking certain supplements to support my body. In addition to supplements (such as B complexes, vitamin D, and vitamin C), a good quality protein supplement is important for muscle recovery and repair/build. You can buy protein online at a very reasonable price, along with other effective workout supplements like green tea extract and glutamine. Explore your options and choose the supplements that are most likely to support your fitness journey.

Turn on Your Jam

Music has a great way of motivating and encouraging and a lot of people respond in a positive way to their favorite music. There is just something empowering when a good song comes on. Your body immediately begins to increase dopamine, serotonin and other hormones that set your body into “fighters” mode to get the workout done.

Fuel Your Body Well

There has been so much change and controversy when it comes to consuming carbs. Some say to avoid carbs like it’s part of the plague. Others say to indulge as if there’s no tomorrow. In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with eating a healthy amount of whole carbs. In fact, a healthy amount of carbs before your workout can help with endurance and stamina. Next time you’re aiming to do heavy lifting or running a long distance, eat a small amount of carbs and you might notice a positive increase in your energy levels.  

Rest is Best

A goodnight’s rest is the best way to improve your performance. If you skip out on sleep and then expect to show up and put in good work, you might be disappointed. Your body goes through repair when you get rest. Sleep will help you to rest, rejuvenate and repair, which means you’ll be able to come back better and stronger in your next workout session. Listen to your body and don’t ignore signals your body may be giving when it’s in need of recovery. 

Enjoy Your Fitness Journey

I think the most important factor is to enjoy your workouts. It’s really hard to give all of your energy to something if there’s no enjoyment on your end. Remember, you showed up and want to give your all, so do something you enjoy and that’s worth your time and energy.

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