COVID and quarantine have been challenging for most and workout routines, diets, and any sort of eating habits may have been a total chaos the last few months. The world has changed so it’s not abnormal for your “world” to change too.

But if you find yourself on the struggle bus to lose weight, you’re not alone. Fitness and losing weight are common goals that many people desire. Because of COVID, there might be a few reasons why you have lost all motivation. Perhaps it’s because gyms are shut down, you’re stuck at home, you can’t escape work and kids and find personal time, and/or you’re stressed and anxious so snacking off junk food is how you cope.

If you’re ready to start over and pick up from where you left, then following the steps below might bring you comfort and hope.

You Need a Plan

Having a plan is crucial if you want to see results and stick with your commitment. Write down the results, your goals, your desires, and what you wish to see in your journey. It might be good if you tell yourself to workout 5-6 days a week and prepare at least 5-6 homecooked meals. Science shows that if you have one splurge day a week, you’ll feel more motivated to try harder the next week.

Focus on Diet & Nutrition

The phrase that it all starts in the kitchen is NOT untrue. You can workout 5 hours a day, make it to the gym 7 days a week, but if you’re still consuming high sodium foods, sugary treats, and fast food, you will not see results. It’s important that you find a regimen that fits your body type and your schedule and lifestyle. Sometimes it pays off to do research on supplements and see what works for you. The Best Supplement for Ketosis is a supplement that support weight loss and fill in any deficiencies you may have. 

Prioritize Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep will recharge your mind and body. Running on little to no sleep is not only exhausting for your body and mind, but you might be drained and lazy to fix a wholesome meal and gravitate to eating junk food. Sleep can help you lose weight and regulate your metabolism better. Lack of it or sleep deprivation is a risk factor for weight gain, obesity and other health issues.

Accountability Partner

Trying to lose weight and get fit all on your own can be challenging. It might be helpful to consider finding an accountability partner who can help ensure you stick to your plan. Maybe your spouse, friend, family member or a personal fitness trainer. Choose someone you trust to hold you accountable and there to cheer you on and keep your fitness on track.

Track Your Progress

You may struggle to lose weight and reach your goals if you’re not keeping score. Measure your progress along the way and analyze how you’re doing and performing. Maybe weighing yourself on a scale or measuring your weight based on your clothing is wise so you can see the progress. Keeping progress is good for your mental and emotional health so you can make adjustments to your routine and diet. But keep a good attitude if it takes time to see the weight drop and especially don’t expect change overnight. You can then make changes to your routine and diet based on what the scale is telling you.

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