Excuses; it’s something we all come up with so we can escape what we really don’t want to do. Sure, sometimes the excuse is justifiable, and other times it’s completely unnecessary and it’s important to be honest with yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in making excuses but it’s also necessary to check with yourself and ask why you’re making excuses for your situation. Sometimes it’s vital to be upfront about the “excuse” and reason behind it, instead of pushing it off, especially when you’ve already mentally planned to never participate in such and such.

I challenge you to pay attention to what you’re telling yourself no about and why you made that decision and if it was necessary or supported by another excuse. It can be hard to admit to yourself the root cause of these “excuses” but being honest and straightforward is the best thing you can do for yourself and your life.

I’m Too Embarrassed

Okay, this one can either be a legit reason or just another excuse. Think of this excuse in two ways:

You might decide against seeing your doctor because you have a potentially embarrassing health issue. Rather than discuss the problem, you might hope it goes away (and sometimes it does and other times it progressively gets worse).

Embarrassing health problems can include constipation, genital rashes, and weird bodily smells. To talk about them might seem like the end of the world for you, but here’s the thing. Doctors have seen it all, so you have little need to worry about being red-faced when speaking to them. You are putting your life at risk if you don’t seek help, so it’s important to put aside your potential embarrassment for the safety of your long-term health.

Secondly, there are those of us who refuse to seek help for our eyesight and hearing. We put up with poor vision or hearing issues because we are too embarrassed to wear glasses or hearing aids0. But as with any sensory problem, these could potentially get worse if we don’t see the relevant professional, and we will also struggle to live a normal life if we can’t see or hear properly. So, if this is you, don’t delay those appointments. And considering the fact that designer glasses are now widely available, and that hearing aids are virtually invisible, there is no need to feel embarrassed.

I’m too busy

Life is busy. Between work, social engagements, family, relationships, health, exercise, responsibilities, there’s so much to keep up with. Because of these busy lifestyles, it’s easy to relay on takeout and microwave meals. These are just convenience and convenience almost never saves lives. In addition to saving time because of the busyness, exercise most easily gets neglected. After a long day, it’s really hard to go to the gym and stay committed to your fitness class/group.

Failing to maintain health and exercise will lead to poor health. The human body is incredible and capable of so much. However, if we fail to eat healthy and neglect exercise, our bodies are at risk for both short and long-term health issues. If these applies to you, check out this article, which explains how you can eat healthily and commit to exercise, in the middle of a busy life. Next, take a look at your schedule and ask yourself: where can I cut down in my schedule? This is an important question to ask yourself ever so often. It’s vital to free up your time and say no to extra curriculum things. And you might find out that you’ll have time for things that actually matter: your health. 

I’ll Start Tomorrow

Why do something today when you might be able to do it tomorrow? Truth is, you probably won’t do it tomorrow.  Many of us procrastinate on a daily basis, telling ourselves (perhaps with good intentions) that we will do what we need to do tomorrow, or next week, or at the start of a new year. But we never do. And the longer we procrastinate the higher the likelihood of our health failing.

So, make caring for your health a long-term priority. Start with a work out today. Motivate yourself or get together with a group of people and you might be surprised how much more pumped you are to workout.

Next, clean out your kitchen and pantry! All healthy lifestyles start right in the kitchen. Break whatever addiction cycle you have and replace it with healthy choices. Also, if you have been putting off doctor appointments, catch up on that now and get on top of what needs to get done health wise. The sooner you do something to help yourself, the greater your chances of long-term health and happiness. Especially if you are experiencing problematic health symptoms, you could be putting your life in serious danger if you continue to procrastinate. So, heed this warning and do what you need to do today. 

Stop the Excuses

Cut off the excuse train and pay attention to your health. Make a few adjustments today and consider how you can improve today. Even if you only start with one new change, it’s one change in the right direction.

What kind of excuses have you been making?

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