There are a few really BIG life changers that occur throughout a lifetime. For instance, graduations, marriage, buying a house, moving, promotions and the one that takes the cake (in my opinion): welcoming a new baby.

Planning for a new baby is an exciting time, however there are many things that do change and a number of things you can prepare for. Good preparation will obviously help the process and ease everyone into welcoming baby. Because let’s be real, a newborn is one of the best blessings, but along with the sweet arrival, there are also challenges.

Family Dynamic

Let’s just put this out there first: the dynamic in your family will no doubt change when the new baby arrives. The marriage will go through some up and downs, and if there are other children involved, some might battle with jealousy and/or anger. You might want to take a few steps that will ease your family into bringing the new baby home. Perhaps, this includes one on one time with your spouse or children or trying to keep the routine up as much as possible. 

Sure, some things will change and that’s totally normal and to be expected. However, it might make the adjustment easier if you have a few big things lined up and you feel somewhat on top of things.

How’s Your Money?

Every family has different priorities and concerns. For some money is not a concern and for others you cannot even think about having a baby until you are financially stable. Obviously you need to determine what works for you, but it’s not lie, babies cost money. There are obvious expenses such as diapers, formula (if you choose that route), and wipes that are some of the bigger expenses upfront. 

It might be worth it to have your finances in order ahead of the new arrival, especially if that makes you feel more stable. Plus, a new little human will bring many, many unseen stresses and this is normal.  Having your head in the game and setting a budget might be your best bet just to get a handle on introducing another human into your checking account. 

Is Your Time Right NOW?

Timing is an important factor and it’s something that should never be ignored when it comes to planning a new baby. Choosing the right time is not always easy; after all, none of us are capable of predicting the future or seeing what will be best ahead of time. But you should give it some thought and plan accordingly.

Of course, God has the ultimate say and control in when a baby will be conceived. Although, sometimes the situation is not always ideal and should not be forced. Again, this is something the couple should decide upon and not necessarily be influenced by others.

Home Requirements Matter

Your home will have different demands and requirements when you add a whole new person into the mix. Maybe you should head to William Pitt Realty and start thinking about moving before you add a new child to the family. Not having enough space as a family can be very stressful, and the last thing you want is to start the moving process when you have a newborn baby.

Of course this also lines up with the financial aspect. Can you afford a bigger home? Sure, a baby doesn’t require much space from the get-go. Remember, the baby will grow and eventually take up more space and so if you’re in an apartment with no backyard and on the top floor, you might want to consider relocating at some before the baby is born or shortly after.

Your Physical Health and Fitness

Last but not least, this is the most important aspect when considering to grow your family. Mental health applies here as well, especially because postpartum is a real thing and hormones fluctuate. But before postpartum occurs, there is pregnancy and many, many hormones in the mix. It’s a good idea to be stable (or as much as possible). A happy you will go a long way into raising a child. In addition, a healthy body will have a much easier time carrying a pregnancy. Besides, pregnancy is the one time you can be selfish about your health… so take care of you first mama.

Of course, these are all suggestions and these don’t need to be taken seriously. It’s just advice and you and your spouse need to determine what works best for you. But do consider that bringing in a new baby is amazing and life changing in every way imaginable. And let’s be real honest, there are many things you will never be prepared for until the moment arrives.

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