I understand any topic regarding food can be touchy and uncomfortable for many. Food is often something we hold on to and get defensive about when addressed. Dieting, lifestyle, or however you may want to call it, can cause anxiety for so many people. In fact, eating can be more of a stress and a drudgery instead of pleasurable. It’s so easy to fall into bad habits with eating. Also you can get so focused on what you’re eating.

Instead of eating being of beneficial, it often causes health issues because of what you’re eating. Plus, with all the new diets popping up and pressure from society telling you what and what not to eat, there seems to be a rise in eating disorders.

Check Your Food Intake

Staying on track with a diet is never easy. However, the pros almost always outweigh the cons. The sluggish feeling is caused from poor nutrition and not enough “lively food” in your lifestyle. If you don’t already know, but junk food is full of toxins, sodium, processed sugar, low quality fats, and incredibly difficult to digest. It’s no shock that most people pop pills left and right–they are not getting the right kind of food and nutrition. For instance, a good and well-balanced diet could be Paleo. And if this sounds too much for you or scary, consider doing six days on plan and then have one cheat day. Your body will still benefit from this regimen and you might even thrive from having one day “off” plan. Some body types need to experience a “shock” to the body and a splurge day could be just that for you.

Powerful Food

Believe it or not, but food has healing powers and healing properties. You either fight disease every time you eat, or feed disease. The choice is yours and no one can make this decision for you. Generally speaking, micronutrients have the best fighting properties and essentials your body needs. Many of these micronutrients aid with stomach acid, heartburn, and fatigue. In addition, there are many cancer fighting foods. These foods can alleviate the symptoms of cancer treatments, as well as combat the disease itself.

However, just as food can be healing, it can also be destructive. It may be shocking to you, but many people switched to a vegetarian diet because of the concern with meat and dairy. The added hormones and preservatives can be detrimental to your health and feed disease. 

Enjoy Yourself Too

Sure, you should enjoy eating and not create an idol about it. If you become overly paranoid and stressful about every single bite you take, then it won’t do you any good, even if you are eating healthy choices. It’s perfectly okay to have one cheat meal a week. You might just come to find out that it’s not entirely worth it, especially if you wake up feeling miserable the next day and your body has to detox again. 

Once you catch a ride on the health bandwagon, you will notice how well you feel and why it matters to invest in your health.

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