The moment you found out you were pregnant I’m sure you created a Pinterest board just for the nursery! You knew all the colors, designs, personalized bed sheets, blankets, and had very specific wall decor. The hours and time spent planning every detail for this room is uncountable. And even if you can’t pinpoint it the exact details on paper (or Pinterest board), you have it planned in your head how it needs to be. In fact, you have more of a plan for the nursery and put more energy into it than you own bedroom. Normal, no worries you’re not crazy. Children take over a big part of our lives and it’s totally okay, often annoying but definitely worth it.

And then these little babies turn into toddlers.

Creating a toddler bedroom can be so much fun. The crib is now a toddler bed and no longer is it just your opinion that matters. Your toddler has an opinion too! But no matter who designs it, there’s something magical about creating a little space for your little one to treasure. But with all the fun there’s the concern for getting way out of budget. It’s so easy to spend money, especially if you’re shopping from various stores. And with all the necessary gadgets, accessories, and decorations it’s easy to slip into an outrageous expense. 

No worries. There are plenty of ways to have fun decorating and creating a “fun place” for your child and not break the bank.

1. Plan the Room

The first thing you need to do is write out your plan. Set the groundwork down immediately because this is where the budget can get out of control.  Write down your ideas and be bold with every single dream. Don’t leave any out. Maybe you’re more of a visual person. Draw your plan and be specific with the theme (i.e. TV characters, story book, or color scheme).  

2. Less is More

Whether you have a big room or a small room to makeover, make the most out of what you have. Remember, less is more and kids thrive with less stuff to begin with. Having too much (toys, clothes, crafts) overwhelms and can create the desire/need to have even more. Determine what you want your child to have. 

Do you want a place where they can read? Perhaps a little nook for crafts and creative play? Is the storage important?

Storage is key in my house. There isn’t a lot of extra empty space in my home and so I need plenty of storage bins to create more space in the midst of less. 

3. Decorate More With Less Money

You can make a room look cluttered and small or big and open with just a few simple techniques. And at a very little cost. Items such as cushions and curtains in bright colors can make a little space appear bigger and friendlier.  You’re the parent, you know what your child likes and dislikes. Besides, toddlers can also be easily persuaded. 

Lighting can also add a whole new touch to a room. Perhaps light fittings like a grow light that can dim and adjust would be helpful in recreating the appearance of a room. Even just changing the bed sheets to fit with the theme. New colors, new look, new design can all add a “new” feel to the room. 

4. Less On the Wall

I think the whole message in this post can be summed up in three words: less is best.

Decorating a full room can quickly add up. You might have to cut in a few areas or not set your expectations so high. Neutral colors go a long way and that’s one way to reduce the cost. Neutral colors also grow with your child and that’s something you might want to consider. Children grow and their opinions grow as well as their needs and wants. 

Another alternative would be to keep the walls as they are and choose a feature wall to do something with. You could invest in some wall art that could match the theme. You could also consider a photo montage wall. This is where you can have fun and take your little one out and do a DIY photo shoot. Then add a mix of baby and current photographs. 

The ideas and options are endless. Have fun, be creative, and let your imagination run free for a bit.

Remember, your toddler doesn’t require much. They only require you, love, and fun memories to build on!

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