Hitting the gym isn’t always convenient or of interest. In fact, oftentimes working out and committing to a gym turns into a drag and a physical and mental struggle. Perhaps it’s the location, environment, convenience, or lack of motivation to get dressed and head out to a building full of weights and cardio equipment. Or if you’re a mom, you know that kids come with lots of unexpected changes in the day. Something you can’t even prepare for!

But understand, physical activity is important for overall health and sometimes mental clarity. So, below I have listed a few alternatives that you can participate in. Some are in fact mom friendly and can be done with kiddos around. You should be able to get a workout in without having to visit the gym on a daily basis.

Most times the gym is the first thought people think when it comes to staying fit and active. However, the gym isn’t always an all-time favorite or easily accessible to go to on a regular basis. Sometimes the roadblock is as simple as money. 

If you fit in this category of people but still wonder how you can stay more active and live a more fit and healthy lifestyle, then you may be thinking about the other options available to you. Besides, if you’re a mom, you need convenience and stress free at all times. I understand. Raising little humans is already challenging and crazy exhausting. The last thing you need is to feel like it’s impossible just getting to the gym. 

But the good news is, there are plenty of options. In fact you don’t ever have to go near a gym in order to stay fit. There are many options available that are at a little to no cost. Today with so many people trying to become fit and healthy, there are more options available that can help you with your fitness goals.


Swimming is probably one of the best sports you can do. It’s low impact, which means there is far less risk of injury. Plus it’s something that you only need to do for around 20 minutes a day to get the full-body benefits. Swimming is not only great for your whole body, but the benefits that linger on after your swim boost your metabolism. Hello fat burning mode all day long! 


Yoga offers a large spectrum of health benefits for both the mind and body. Flexibility is important to keep up with running, biking, swimming, lifting, you name it. Also a strong core will give you a healthy posture and ache-free joints. Yoga is definitely an option to relax and rid depression and anxiety. 


Walking for 20 minutes each day is a free way to keep fit and boost your mood. So pack the kids in the stroller, grab a few toys and snacks, and reap the benefits of fresh air at the same time. You can walk to the local park, along the beach, or even look for some new nature trails. Walking will lift your spirits, and you never know what new things you’ll discover along the way. Besides, it’s a great way to get a stubborn baby to nap, or give a cranky kid a change of scenery. 


Climbing is another fun way to keep fit, and is a great alternative for people who aren’t overly thrilled about the gym. Of course, you’ll have to get some training before you start climbing properly since it can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. But keep in mind that the equipment is expensive since you’ll need tools such as la sportiva tarantulace climbing shoes. Climbing allows you to explore different areas in nature.  In addition it’s a great way to meet others and share a fitness challenge together. 


  Cycling is far healthier than driving, and a bit more fun than walking. Get yourself a good bike with either a seat for the kiddo or a bike trailer. Pack a lunch, go for a spin and enjoy some exercise and outdoor time. 

These are basic options for you to give a shot. Of course there are plenty more possible alternatives for you to consider to get a good sweat and workout in. For instance, move your sofa, get on YouTube and find a good workout. There are plenty of free workouts on the web. Any of these will help you stay fit without having to embrace the gym. So get out there and get moving. It’s the New Year. Now is your chance to get fit and healthy.

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