I’m sure you’re well aware of supplements and the wide variety available these days. You can pretty much buy any kind of supplements anywhere with more possibilities than you’re aware of. Health food supplements relate to any food-based product that is taken to supplement a healthy diet. There is a huge assortment of these supplements available nowadays, all of which are catered to different goals and aims. Many supplements are necessary and supportive to your body (i.e. vitamin D, C, and zinc in particular). 

But before you start randomly picking up supplements at your local grocery store, it is important to know which vitamins and minerals suite you best.

There is a lot of controversy on taking health supplements and why it matters. Taking supplements to avoid consuming certain health foods is NOT the answer to your overall health. It is always more important and beneficial to consume the whole food versus popping a pill.

Why Supplement Though?

If, for example, your purpose for implementing supplements is for overall health, bone density, digestive support, and to maintain healthy organs, then by all means supplementing with good quality supplements is the best way to approach your health. Perhaps your specialist or obgyn professional recommends you taking a specific supplement in order to boost a certain area of your health. It is not about simply taking supplements for the sake of taking them. You definitely want to be cautious to not overdose. 

Not only this, but it is not always easy to get the minerals we require from food sources. The environment has changed and the amount of pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables can be very harmful for your overall health. Sadly this all has to do with ecological factors and poor farming methods. Premature picking of fruit and vegetables can result in a loss of nutrients. This occurs regularly when you consider that a lot of foods are shipped green in order to prevent bruising. Have you ever been on the search for yellow, ripe bananas? Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to find any ripe fruits!

Why You Might Be Vitamin Deficient

Research indicates that you can lose approximately fifty percent of vitamin C if cherries are picked prematurely. Shocking, isn’t it? But this is why certain supplements are required to ensure the proper dosage of minerals and nutrients. There are other factors too, such as the use of synthetic fertilizer, over processing and even cooking. All of this can strip food from their proper nutrition. This is why more and more people are finding it necessary to turn to supplements so they can be certain they are getting all of the good stuff they need. So being depleted of certain minerals isn’t much of a shock anymore!

Do Your Research

Of course you do need to be careful when buying supplements, as not every source is a safe bet. When purchasing anything to put into your body, you need to make sure you buy from a reputable seller. You need to be sure that the supplements are exactly what they say they are, so do not attempt to cut corners. Take your time and do the required research. Cheaper isn’t always better. 

For instance, prenatal vitamins are a great addition to a healthy diet/lifestyle for a pregnant and breastfeeding woman. In addition, providing your children with a wholesome, whole food multivitamin is great for their overall immune health and development. Oftentimes little additions such as healthy supplements to your overall health is a great way to keep your immune system running strong.

Listen to Your Body

As an example, I am a vegan. However, I am aware of certain minerals my body doesn’t get because of certain foods I don’t consume (i.e. dairy and meat). Therefore, I supplement with calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and Iron. My body is in need of these small additions to its overall health and I provide it with the best quality possible. Besides, my body has been a house for three babies so far. I have to keep my health up!

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the different types of healthy food supplements. If this is something you are considering, you will reap numerous benefits but only if you choose supplements with care and shop responsibly.

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