Disclosure: I was provided with a free pack of Pampers Swaddlers diapers. Pampers has been a staple essential in this household since summer 2015. I collaborated with Pamper Diapers and this review is based off of my opinion on diapers that have made my life and my children’s life more comfortable. 

I have two children ages 3 and almost 2, and expecting baby #3 in March. Diapers are a big part of this household. In fact, it’s safe to say diapers are the biggest expense in the monthly budget. When it comes to purchasing diapers, I want to make sure I am buying the best quality and the best brand for my buck. Besides, no one wants a leaky diaper at 2am!

Babies are in diapers nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why having soft comfort and strong protection like new Pampers Swaddlers with Heart Quilts™ is so important! In fact, these diapers are ranked #1 choice among hospitals, nurses, and parents. It’s vital that babies are comfortable and parents can relax knowing their babies will stay dry and snug all day and all night.

One other positive element is that these diapers can be found both at Target and Amazon. I recently switched all my personal care baby shopping to Amazon because of the convenience. Big boxes of diapers delivered to your front step, plus get locked in with a monthly subscription to start saving.

Last but not least, these diapers don’t give my children an allergic reaction. Also, they provide dryness and zero leakage–honestly the only diapers that are 100% supportive.

So grab a box on Amazon and enjoy the freedom of knowing your child is going to stay dry from here on out.

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