Let’s face it. How many moms do you know picked up some MLM (multi level marketing)?

  • Roden & Fields
  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Beautycounter
  • Young Living
  • The Pampered Chef
  • Mary Kay
  • LuLaRoe
  • Discovery Toys
  • Avon
  • so many more…

MLMs– pyramid selling, direct selling, network marketing, whatever you call it. It all boils down to the same thing: they all promote their product and sell the commission plan. Some companies promote kitchen products, makeup, educational toys for children, toxic free living, and skin care. You choose what you want, but you basically become a salesperson promoting the company you chose.

So why do a lot of moms become involved into an mlm or multiple MLMs? Women are primed for MLMs as both buyers and sellers. Because this is something you can do from the comfort of your home, raise your children, run a household, and help with the family income. But now we live in a world of social media. With social media the amount of sharing and advertising is huge and catches many eyes. There’s always the mom breastfeeding at 2am scrolling through Facebook and suddenly she sees her high school friend share how she’s making $10k a month! So she messages her and asks. It’s all word of mouth, sharing why you’re so passionate about the product you’re using, and why everyone needs it too.

And so parties, classes, socials, and events take place. This is another way to reach out to “prospects” and see who’s interested and committed in joining your team. After all, it’s all about building a strong team so you can reach the top of the company and receive all the incentives.

But of course, there is always the one person you begin to avoid because she (or he) constantly bug you to buy, sell, share, or join their team. Eventually you ignore them on Facebook, delete their messages, and avoid interacting with them. They become very motivated and driven and can often scare others off. Even though this is NOT how to work a MLM, it unfortunately happens. We live in the real world, with real people, and different personalities. And oftentimes the person offended puts up a wall and wants nothing to do with this MLM. Lessons learned and different people.

But why are moms joining MLMs?

It gives them a sense of achievement, purpose, community, and an outlet for them to do something for themselves.

They finally feel accomplished but still being part of the household, taking care of kiddos, cooking meals, helping with schoolwork/homework, and whatever else needs to get done. And even though they are still the primary manager of the household, they are also contributing to the monthly budget and finances. Plus, once an extra paycheck is brought home the motivation kicks in to do more, sell more, get more people onboard, and bring in more money.

Also, moms spend so much of their time taking care of their children, marriage, and household and during nap-time and/or after bedtime moms stay up to work on their “business”. Doing this reminds moms that they do more than just wipe butts, cook dinner, clean up messes 24/7, and kiss owies (even though that is plenty).

Also, some moms see this as a way out of poverty for their family and a way to freedom. By doing an MLM they also realize they don’t have to work a 9-5 job, 40 hours a week, and commute on a daily basis. It’s possible to make money from your bedroom (or even while changing a dirty diaper!).

Either way, the annoying woman in your Facebook feed probably has her reasoning. Or the woman who friended you and you have no idea who the heck she is–she’s probably just trying to broaden her network and see who she can snatch next (haha).

Do your Research FIRST

Before you jump into any MLM, feel it out. Make sure you know why you’re doing this. And also set your boundaries. Every MLM has a crazy upline somewhere in the line. It’s normal and called business. Discover your why and stick to it. But if you decide this isn’t for you down the line, it’s ok to get out and not feel guilty. Move on, learn from your lesson, and find your purpose.

What MLM are you part of, or have done in the past? 

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