A set of dumbbells is definitely recommended for this workout. You can adjust your weight as needed. In the pictures I show the before and after action movement of the exercise. Pick your dumbbell weight. I use 15lbs here. The dumbbells I use can be found here.

Exercise #1: Bicep curls

Exercise #2: Tricep Extensions

Exercise #3: Hammer Curls

Exercise #4: Kneeling Tricep Extensions

Exercise #5: Kneeling Wide Bicep Curl

Exercise #6: Skull Crushers

Exercise #7: Rotating Tricep Extension

Bicep Curls [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a standing position, both arms straight down by your side
  • Keep shoulders back and elbows pinched by your side
  • Raise your arms to a 90 degree angle and curl
  • Release back down to starting position

Tricep Extension [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a standing position, core engaged and a dumbbell in both hands
  • Feet should be about shoulder width apart
  • Lift the weight over your head until both arms are extended
  • Slowly bend your forearms ONLY, keeping your biceps pressed against your head and your elbows in
  • Extend your arms back up above your head
  • This is one rep

Hammer Curls [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a standing position, both arms holding a dumbbell and down by your side
  • Slowly bend your forearms and raise the dumbbells
  • The bended arms should be at a 90 degree angle
  • Lower back down to your side
  • This equals one rep

Kneeling Tricep Extensions [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in an all four position
  • Use only one dumbbell for this exercise
  • Slowly raise your arm, elbow touching your side and slightly bent
  • Extend arm fully as your press back
  • DO NOT bring your arm back to starting position until all reps are completed

Kneeling Wide Bicep Curl [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a seated position, preferably on your knees
  • Both arms should be fully extended and down by your legs
  • Slowly raise your arms up to a 90 degree bend and hold for 1-2 seconds
  • Lower your arms down again until fully extended
  • This is one rep

Skull Crushers [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Lying on your back and both arms fully extended above your head
  • Slowly bend your forearms over your face until the dumbbell literally hits your head (“crushing your skull”)
  • Raise both arms up again above your head
  • This is one rep

Rotating Tricep Extension [10 reps | 3 rounds]

  • Begin in a slightly bent position
  • Both arms in a 90 degree angle up by your chest
  • Extend one arm back while the other stays in front of your chest
  • Bring the extended arm back in front of your chest and extend the other arm out
  • That equals one rep


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