So I just released my first free download, Get Fit in 20 Minutes! I hope you had a chance to check it out and download it. But perhaps you’ve been on a fitness journey for some time now and you just can’t seem to make progress.

It’s almost as if you’ve hit a roadblock in your fitness and it’s very frustrating. You put in all this time and effort. And especially for us moms, this is a huge deal. We don’t have time on end. We’re on a demanding schedule!

Or perhaps you finally decided it’s time to get fit. Yay, so excited for you.

If you are yet to see the results that you had hoped for, you may be wondering where you are going wrong. And there is a lot of conflicting information on getting fit and healthy. Plus, everyone has opinion on everything. You can end up doing something that damages your fitness journey without realizing it. 

I have some tips for you today!

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1. Comparing yourself with others 

It’s never healthy to compare yourself with anyone–especially in the fitness world or with your physical appearance. You need to stop doing this today. Everyone is on a different fitness journey, so you should not compare yourself to what other people are doing. You need to focus on yourself. It’s not healthy for you, your family, and anyone else around you. 

2. Not sleeping enough

 If you want to lose weight, you need to get a good night’s sleep. I totally understand this can be hard if you’re a mama with littles. My baby is now sleeping through the night after 16 months! And before that I had an 18 month old. So I get it. Getting your six to eight hours every night is so important. Sleep is when your muscles build up. If you exercise regularly, yet you do not sleep enough, you will feel exhausted within a matter of weeks because you have not allowed your muscles to build up. Sleep and fitness go hand in hand. Rest up mama, it’s good for you and your family. A happy, well-rested mama can perform better!

3. Doing exercises you don’t enjoy

 It is important to make sure that you enjoy your fitness routine. Exercising can be fun. It is simply about finding something that you like. Rather than forcing yourself to go to the gym every week, why not look for dance classes near you instead? Or perhaps find a fun mommy fitness group. Keep trying different exercises and sports until you find something that you love. Once you love the exercise, you will find that it is much easier to reach your fitness goals.

4. Not eating enough

This is another common mistake that a lot of people make when they are trying to lose weight and get fit. They assume that the less they eat, the better. However, you need to make sure you eat a balanced diet. Your body needs food for energy, and you need energy in order to burn fat. You won’t get anywhere by trying to starve yourself. Mamas also move around a lot because of littles. So don’t shy away from healthy fats and carbohydrates. 

5. Not working out consistently

 Last but not least, failing to work out consistently is another mistake that is going to halt your progress. Missing too many days is never a good day. Of course we have to be flexible with our schedules, especially if the baby needs us or food (always food). But take care of yourself too. Your body will only start to build muscles when it recognizes that you are doing a lot of work on a continual basis.

I get up early to workout and if that doesn’t happen, then I use nap time. You can make it happen!


So there you have it! Consider this as a help from your fitness buddy. I’m here to help ya. I don’t want to discourage you. I want you to see common mistakes that tend to happen. Slip ups happen. Go back to bed and start over or step outside for fresh air. And if that doesn’t work, chocolate always helps!

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