So my husband and I did a thing. We moved 2300 miles across this country with two small children: ages 1 and 2. How the heck in the world did we even do this?


Three weeks ago my husband and I loaded up the moving truck and left Charleston, SC headed for San Diego, CA! We packed our entire home, cleaned every nook and cranny, loaded up the U-Haul and managed to keep two small children alive. We drove through the night so the kids could sleep. Our first stop was Dallas TX, 1100 miles away.

So how did we survive the drive cross country with two small children?

Lots of caffeine. I consumed more caffeine in 24 hours than in a week’s time. By the time we hit the pillow in Dallas, we had been up for 41 hours.

Traveling with children is in itself challenging. You become very clever and quick with bathroom breaks and gas stops, especially when the kids are asleep in the back. Also, dry snacks are a life savior: something you can reach over the back of your seat and find your little peoples’ hands.

Moving Cross Country

The change, the things you have to let go and start new elsewhere, the friendships you had in one place but not in another, and the many lonely motherhood moments. Moving is no easy ride. In fact, the energy and stamina required to do any move out of state is not for the faint hearted.

I have moved ten times in my life so far. And to be honest, it gets harder each time. Probably because I have two extra people to take care of now. So not only do I have to unpack, set up a new home, find grocery stores, and find another mama in my season of life, I also need to cope with my emotions of starting all over again.

A lot of people probably think it’s awesome, ya know. Moving around so often, starting brand new, meeting new faces, and beginning another chapter. Sure, it’s all exciting stuff, but it’s also hard. Uprooting and planting your life in another soil is fun and not so fun.

Have the past three weeks been a walk in the park? Gosh no. In fact, my husband and I have argued more in the past three weeks than in our four years of marriage. I have also discovered that two year olds know a lot about stress and definitely don’t know how to manage it.

Moving has its perks.

New faces.

New house.

Declutter to the max.

New grocery stores.

New scenery.

Not everything is negative. It just takes time to adjust. And adjusting with kids is ten times harder. Lots of patience, cuddles, kisses, and reassuring words. Plus, leaving the packed house for a day and exploring our new city. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun adventures in sunny Cali, but for now, I need to find a clean cup since my kitchen sink is flooded with a broken drain!