Military Wife.

You’re a hero. Often unrecognized. Actually, unrecognized far too often. Your recognition, ability to do anything and everything is never appreciated enough.

I know many of us can truly say that we wish we didn’t have to do dinner alone every night, or wrangle slippery kids in the bath and struggle solo with bed time. It’s hard when the load is all on you and half the time you’re solo parenting. I get it.

I understand you. I am one too. We sacrifice more than our best friends, or our civilian friends if you must say. And that isn’t to come across boastful or sassy.

  • But where did you spend Christmas this past year?
  • Or when was the last time you went on a date night with your hubby?
  • Or when was the last time you saw your family?

Being a military wife is a job. A job that requires grace, patience, flexibility and a sense of humor.

It’s a bumpy road. A road with a lot of ups and downs, a lot of here and there and a lot of hurry up and wait.

You’ve got to get used to a whole lot of goodbyes and a lot of new faces. If you’re not okay with goodbyes, you’ll soon learn to get used to them.

Also, learn now to let go because God only knows how many times you’ll have to let go, move on, and let God.

You’ll start a new life many times and let go of the past one, but don’t let go too much because you’ll still love and need it on those lonely sad days.

Oh and you definitely need to get used to the idea of parenting alone. A lot.

Also, the random mom you met at the playground? Make sure you save her number on your favorite list. She’ll become your emergency contact.

And you have to be okay with your husband spending more time at his job than with you. It’s a wonderful marriage, you know. In fact, your husband’s job will come first. You’re second. He won’t ever admit to that, but it’s the naked truth.

You’ll get real comfortable with finding the positive in the midst of pain, heartache and frustration.

Oh and forget about spending actual holidays on the “calendar day” or anniversaries together. Don’t forget birthdays. Those will be spent without your service member too. And heaven forbid you labor and birth a child alone. It happens, love.

You’ve got to let go of a lot and embrace a whole ton more.

But you know what?

You’ll be okay!

You love your husband and you chose him for better or for worse. You are strong and tougher than you know or give yourself credit for. Even when you feel like walking out (I know you’ll often think of life on the flip side), don’t do it. Stick together in the tough times. Couples who tough it out, come out even stronger than they were before.

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